Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable(LSZH/LSOH/LS0H/LSFH/OHLS)

1.What is Low Smoke and Halogen Free Cable?
The abbreviations LSZH, LSOH, LS0H, LSFH and OHLS all refer to the same type of cable sheathing material, i.e., “Low Smoke Zero Halogen” (LSZH) cable. These terms may vary from region to region and from industry standard to industry standard, but the basic meaning is the same: cable materials that produce less smoke when burned and do not contain halogens. In some cases, however, the different nomenclature may have subtle emphasis or differences based on specific standards or manufacturer preferences. Often, however, these differences are not intrinsic, but rather the result of naming conventions or market positioning. Below is an overview of some of the details and application scenarios that may be involved with these abbreviations from TST CABLES。

High and low temperature resistance cables
High and low temperature resistance cables

2.Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable Characteristics

  • Low Smoke: This means that in the event of a fire, the amount of smoke released when the cable burns is much lower than with conventional cables. Reduced smoke helps to improve visibility in case of fire, facilitates evacuation and reduces the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.
  • Zero Halogen: Halogens (e.g. chlorine, bromine) produce toxic and corrosive halide gases when burned at high temperatures, which can cause serious harm to human health and electronic equipment. Halogen-free materials do not release these harmful gases during combustion, which improves safety and reduces environmental pollution.
  • Material Composition: The sheath of low-smoke halogen-free cables is usually made of halogen-free thermoplastic or thermoset materials, commonly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and polyolefin. These materials maintain good electrical properties while ensuring the above low smoke and halogen-free characteristics.

3.Application areas of low smoke halogen free cables

Due to its safe and environmentally friendly features, low-smoke halogen-free cables are widely used in densely populated places, subways, hospitals, data centers, airplanes, ships, and places with strict requirements for fire prevention and environmental protection.

low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire
low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire

4.Differences in the abbreviations of low-smoke halogen-free cables
LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) is the most commonly used abbreviation.
LSOH, LS0H, LSFH and OHLS are alternative or variant acronyms that may be used by different regions or manufacturers, but all essentially represent the same concept. The differences may stem from naming conventions in different standards systems or regions, but their core meaning remains the same, i.e., they emphasize the low-smoke, halogen-free nature of the cable.

  • LSZH cables (Low Smoke Zero Halogen): This is the most common expression that directly and explicitly states that the cable is characterized as low smoke and halogen free. It is widely accepted and used in international standards and codes for almost all environments where high safety standards are required, such as public buildings, ships, mines, etc.
  • LSOH cables (Low Smoke Zero Halogen): In some cases, LSOH can be considered equivalent to LSZH with minor naming changes, again emphasizing the low smoke and halogen free characteristics. It may be more commonly found in standards documents or product descriptions in some regions.
  • LS0H cables: This abbreviation is a simplified form of LSZH, “0” instead of “Zero”, more convenient in verbal communication or abbreviation, the meaning is identical to LSZH, also refers to low-smoke halogen-free cable.
  • LSFH cables: Although not as common as LSZH, LSFH may be used by some manufacturers to specifically refer to “Low Smoke Free of Fluorine” (Low Smoke Free of Fluorine), which emphasizes that in addition to being halogen-free, it also avoids the use of fluoride, which is more applicable in some specific environmentally demanding situations. OHLS: This order is reversed.
  • OHLS cables: This abbreviation in reverse order is less common and may be a misspelling or special labeling in some places or in specific documents, but its essence should be the same as LSZH, i.e., to emphasize the characteristics of halogen-free and low-smoke. However, in formal occasions and standard documents, LSZH or LSOH is more standard and common.

5.The importance of low-smoke halogen-free cable

Low-smoke halogen-free cables play a vital role in modern power transmission and communication systems, and their importance is reflected in three aspects: safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

  • Safety upgrade: In emergencies such as fires, low-smoke halogen-free cables release far less smoke than traditional halogen-containing cables, which reduces the obstruction of smoke to the line of sight and wins valuable time for personnel evacuation. At the same time, the halogen-free feature ensures that no toxic halogenated gases are released during combustion, which protects the health of personnel and reduces the risk of poisoning, which is especially important in closed or densely populated areas, such as subways, hospitals, schools and data centers.
  • Environmental protection first: traditional cables in the halogen compounds produced by the combustion of toxic gases, not only harmful to human health, but also cause long-term pollution of the environment. The use of low-smoke halogen-free cables responds to the urgent global need for environmental protection, reduces pollution of the atmosphere and soil, and supports the goal of sustainable development. Its easy-to-recycle nature also promotes the recycling of resources.
  • Social Responsibility and Compliance: As global standards for safety and green building are raised, many countries and regions have legislated to require the use of low-smoke, halogen-free cables in specific applications. By adopting such cables, companies and builders are not only complying with the legal requirements, but also fulfilling their corporate social responsibility and demonstrating that they value the public welfare of their employees, customers and society. This helps to help business owners enhance their brand image and increase their competitiveness in the market.

Despite the existence of naming nuances in low-smoke halogen-free power, TST CABLES suggests that when choosing low-smoke halogen-free cables, it is more important for users to focus on whether the specific performance indicators of the product meet the corresponding safety standards and application requirements. Regardless of the acronym, when purchasing, you should confirm that the cable has passed the relevant international safety certifications (such as EN, CRCC, CE, ISO, IEC, UL, etc.) and meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the region where it is located. In today’s highly concerned about safety and environmental protection, low-smoke halogen-free cables have become an important choice to ensure the safety of people, protect the environment and promote sustainable development. Low-smoke halogen-free cable is not only a product of technological progress, but also an inevitable choice of the times. It shows unparalleled value in safeguarding public safety, promoting environmental protection and fulfilling social responsibility, and is one of the foundations for building a modern, intelligent and green social infrastructure.

TST cables –The world’s leading supplier of low-smoke halogen-free cables

When power safety meets green, the future is within reach! LSZH cable supplier TST CABLES newly developed and upgraded low-smoke and halogen-free cables use revolutionary low-smoke and halogen-free materials to build a bridge to safe and environmentally friendly energy. In times of emergency, it releases extremely low smoke and no harmful halogen release, guarding the purity of every breath. From the warmth of the home to the arteries of the city, from the heart of data to the frontiers of industry, it quietly carries the light of every moment of life with excellent electrical performance and durability. Choosing TST CABLES low-smoke halogen-free cables is not only a choice for technological leadership, but also a commitment to the future. Reducing the burden for the earth, escorting the safety of electricity, let every transmission of current become a gentle tribute to the beautiful world.

If you need to upgrade and replace your equipment with high quality cables, or if you have any needs or questions about low smoke halogen free cables, please feel free to send us an email, professional engineers will be happy to help you, and you can also apply for free samples.

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