The Beauty of Flexibility Spring Cable Applications

Spring cable, also known as elastic, rotating or flexible cable, is a composite material with an outer layer made of braided spring or stainless steel wire and an inner core of cable. This design makes spring cables highly flexible and resilient, capable of maintaining stable transmission performance under traction and compression. Due to its unique structure, spring cable has a wide range of applications in electronic equipment, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

Spring Cable
Spring Cable (-65℃~ 125℃)

I. Product Characteristics and Advantages

Good flexibility and elasticity (elongation length up to 3.5-4 times the original spring length). Good cold resistance, flame retardant, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. Various types of helical spring wires can be produced according to the different requirements of the occasion.

Conductor structure: single stranded or bonded bare soft copper wire (or tinned copper wire).

Insulation material: Polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polyethylene, or polyethylene, to meet the requirements of different occasions.

Sheath material: generally with polyurethane elastic material PU material

Working temperature: according to the requirements, cold -65 degrees; temperature 80 degrees; 105 degrees; 125 degrees and above.

Advantages of spring cable

Tensile strength:

The spring steel wire or stainless steel wire used in spring cables has high tensile strength, which can maintain the stability of the cable during prolonged stretching. This characteristic makes the spring cable highly reliable in electronic equipment and other occasions that require frequent movement or stretching.

Compressive strength:

In addition to tensile strength, spring-loaded cables also have high compressive strength. In areas such as mechanical engineering, where cables are often subjected to compression from all directions, spring cables are able to maintain normal transmission functions under these conditions.

Abrasion resistance:

The outer braided steel or stainless steel wires of spring cables are highly resistant to abrasion and are able to resist external wear and tear in harsh environments. This feature allows spring cables to maintain good performance over long periods of time, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements.

Temperature resistance:

Spring cables are able to work normally within a certain temperature range and have good temperature resistance. In some high or low temperature environment, spring cable can still maintain stable transmission performance, this characteristic is particularly important for electronic equipment and other high temperature requirements of the field.


Spring cable has good anti-interference, can be in the electromagnetic interference in a strong environment to maintain the stability of the signal. This feature makes the spring cable in the field of electronic equipment has a high practical value.

Second, the application of spring cable

1.Electronic equipment

In electronic equipment, spring cable is widely used to connect various electronic components, such as computers, cell phones and so on. Its anti-interference, abrasion resistance and tensile strength makes the spring cable in these devices can withstand frequent stretching and compression, to maintain stable signal transmission.

2.Mechanical Manufacturing

In the field of machinery manufacturing, spring cable is commonly used in CNC machine tools, robots and other equipment cable management system. Its compressive strength and abrasion resistance enable spring cables to withstand a variety of external forces in these devices, maintaining the stability of the cable and reducing the failure rate.

In addition to the above fields, spring cables are also used in automotive, aviation, military and other industries. Their unique characteristics make spring cables highly practical in these industries.

Scope of application of spring cable

Used for rated AC voltage 450/750V or DC voltage 6V-1000V or less, need to go back and forth. Summary wiring of assembly circuits that move up and down, such as telephones, computers, electronic equipment by plug-in and automotive, trailer, spring connecting wires.

TST CABLES self-developed spring cable with its excellent performance and reliability has been widely used in rail transportation, electric power, new energy and other industries, in the future TST CABLES will continue to improve product quality and service, to provide efficient and stable cables and transmission solutions for various industries.

TST CABLES Hot Spring Cable Model:

Shielded Spring Cable
Single Core Spiral Spring Cable
Laboratory Equipment Spring Cables
CNC Equipment Handle Spring Cable
Spring Cable for Medical Equipment
Spring Cable for Elevator

The above specifications are for reference only, if you need specific specifications please consult our engineers, if you want to know TST CABLES shielded spring cables, you can immediately send us an e-mail to receive the latest industry information and cable quotes!

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