Application of Cables in Natural Gas Transmission Equipment

Application of Cables in Natural Gas Transmission Equipment

1. Scene Introduction

With the transformation of the global energy structure, natural gas, as an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source, has been increasing its share in the energy consumption structure year by year. Natural gas transmission as an important link in the natural gas industry chain, its safety and stability is of great significance to guarantee energy supply and promote economic development. As an important component connecting the transmission equipment and system, the performance of natural gas transmission equipment cables directly affects the efficiency and safety of natural gas transmission. Therefore, the development of a set of professional and efficient natural gas transmission equipment cable solutions is of great significance to ensure the safe and stable operation of natural gas transmission.

2. The pain point analysis

In the process of natural gas transportation, equipment cables face many challenges. First of all, the transmission environment is complex and variable, the cable needs to withstand high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and other harsh environments, while also resisting chemical corrosion and mechanical damage. Secondly, the cable needs to transmit a large amount of data and control signals to ensure accurate control and stable operation of the conveyor equipment. In addition, the safety and reliability of cables are also important considerations in the natural gas transmission process. However, traditional cable products are often difficult to meet these requirements, there are unstable performance, easy to damage and other problems, which bring potential safety hazards to natural gas transmission.

3.The natural gas transmission equipment on the cable requirements

Natural gas transmission equipment on the cable requirements mainly include the following aspects:

Weather resistance: the cable should be able to operate stably for a long time under the harsh environment of high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, etc., without performance degradation or damage.
Corrosion resistance: the cable should be able to resist chemical corrosion, to ensure that it will not fail due to corrosion during transportation.
Electrical properties: the cable should have good electrical conductivity and insulation to ensure the stability and reliability of power transmission.
Mechanical properties: the cable should be able to withstand mechanical stress, including tensile, bending and vibration, etc., to ensure that it is not easy to be damaged in the transmission process.
Data transmission capacity: the cable should be able to efficiently transmit data and control signals to ensure accurate control and stable operation of the transmission equipment.

4. Natural gas transmission equipment cable certification standards

Natural gas transmission equipment cables need to comply with a series of international and domestic certification standards, such as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards, national cable standards. These standards strictly regulate the electrical performance, mechanical performance, environmental adaptability and safety performance of cables to ensure the safe and reliable operation of cables in the natural gas transmission process.

5.Product Selection

For the special requirements of natural gas transmission equipment, TST CABLES recommends the use of special cables with excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical performance and mechanical properties:

High-temperature cables: able to maintain stable electrical performance in extreme high-temperature environments;
Flame retardant cables: manufactured with flame retardant materials to reduce the risk of fire;
Armored cables: provide additional mechanical protection against external damage.

Selection parameters for reference (can be customized according to actual needs)
Temperature resistance: -60 to 180°C
Insulation strength: >100Mpa
Sheath strength: >8Mpa
Insulation/abrasion resistance, no deformation
No deformation
Abrasion resistance
Oxidation resistance
Ultra-low temperature resistance
Frost and cold resistant
Excellent mechanical properties
Excellent electrical insulation properties
Good chemical stability

6. Product Characteristics

The cable products of this solution have the following remarkable characteristics:

Excellent weathering and corrosion resistance: special materials and processes are used to ensure that the cables operate stably for a long time in harsh environments and are not affected by chemical corrosion.
Excellent electrical performance: the use of high-purity conductors and high-quality insulation materials to ensure efficient and stable power transmission.
Excellent mechanical performance: the cable structure is sturdy and can withstand large mechanical stress, ensuring that it is not easily damaged during transmission.
Efficient data transmission capacity: advanced data transmission technology is adopted to realize fast and accurate data transmission, ensuring precise control of the conveying equipment.
Fire resistance: the cables used in weather gas conveying equipment should have fire-resistant or flame-retardant properties to ensure safety in case of fire.

Recommended Products

Natural gas transmission equipment cables are wear-resistant, ultra-low temperature resistant and have excellent mechanical properties. They are an important part of the infrastructure that transports natural gas from the production site to the distribution network and end users.

7.Technical Tests

To ensure the quality and performance of the cable products, TST CABLES conducts a series of rigorous technical tests.
Including but not limited to:
Conductor resistance test to ensure electrical conductivity;
Insulation resistance and voltage withstand tests to verify electrical safety;
Flame resistance testing to meet safety standards;
Mechanical performance tests, such as tensile strength and bending radius.

8. Natural gas transmission equipment cable laying installation and commissioning

We provide professional guidance and support in cable laying installation and commissioning.
Cable laying installation follows the steps below:
Check the appearance of the cable to make sure there is no damage;
Laying the cable according to the specified bending radius to avoid damage caused by excessive bending;
Fixing the cables to prevent them from moving or vibrating during operation;
Debugging after completion of installation to confirm normal cable performance.

9. After-sales maintenance & technical support

TST CABLES provides comprehensive after-sales maintenance and technical support services. Once the customer encounters any problems in the process of use, our professional team will respond quickly to provide effective solutions and technical support. In addition, we also regularly provide customers with natural gas transmission equipment cable product maintenance and maintenance recommendations to ensure the long-term stable operation of the cable.

10.Aircraft air conditioning system cable solution case

TST CABLES provides high temperature flame retardant armored cables for a large natural gas transmission project in China. After two years of operation, the cable system performed stably without any failure. Specific data are as follows:

Cable type: high temperature flame retardant armored cable
Use of the environment: outdoors, the temperature range of -40 ℃ to +80 ℃ variation
Cable length: 5 kilometers in total
Running time: 2 years
Failure times: 0 times
This solution has achieved good results in practical application, providing a stable and reliable cable solution for natural gas transmission.

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