Application of Cables in Petroleum Refining Equipment

Application of Cables in Petroleum Refining Equipment

1.Scene Introduction

Petroleum refining industry is an important pillar of the national economy, involving crude oil processing, oil production and other aspects. With the continuous progress of technology and the increasing expansion of the market, petroleum refining equipment toward large-scale, automation, intelligent direction, the demand for cables and other ancillary products also shows a trend of high precision and high reliability. As an important carrier for connecting equipment, transmitting signals and electricity, the stability and reliability of the performance of the cable directly affects the safety and productivity of the petroleum refining process.

2.The pain point analysis

In the operation of petroleum refining equipment, cables are often faced with high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other harsh environments. Traditional cable products in these environments are prone to aging, fracture, short-circuit and other problems, resulting in frequent equipment failure, and even cause safety accidents. In addition, due to the special characteristics of petroleum refining equipment, the electrical performance, mechanical properties, fire performance of the cable also has strict requirements. Therefore, the development of a cable solution for petroleum refining equipment is particularly urgent.

3.The petroleum refining equipment on the cable requirements

Petroleum refining equipment on the cable requirements mainly include the following aspects:

Excellent electrical performance: the cable should have stable electrical conductivity and insulation to ensure the accurate transmission of power and signal.
High mechanical strength: the cable should be able to withstand the vibration, impact and other mechanical stresses generated during the operation of the equipment, to maintain structural integrity and stability.
High temperature and corrosion resistance: the cable should be able to operate stably for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature and corrosion without performance degradation or damage.
Good fire performance: the cable should have a high degree of flame retardancy and low smoke and non-toxic properties to reduce the risk of fire.

4.The petroleum refinery equipment cable certification standards

Petroleum refining equipment cables need to comply with a series of international and domestic certification standards, such as IEC, NEK, API, EN, GB, JB and so on. These standards for the cable’s electrical performance, mechanical properties, environmental adaptability and other aspects of strict regulations to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the cable in the petroleum refining process.

5.Cable selection

For the special needs of petroleum refining equipment, we recommend the use of special cables with excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and environmental adaptability. In the selection process, we take into account the conductor materials, insulation materials, sheath materials and structural design of the cable to ensure that the cable can meet the requirements of petroleum refining equipment.

Selection parameters for reference (can be customized according to actual needs)
1. Rated voltage: 300/500V
2.Temperature range: 600℃, can withstand temperatures up to 800℃ for a short time.
3.℃ conductor: pure nickel stranded wire
4. Color: earth yellow, optional black yarn, red yarn, etc.

6.Product characteristics

The cable products of this solution have the following remarkable characteristics:

Stable electrical performance: adopting high purity copper conductor and high quality insulating material to ensure stable transmission of power and signal.
High mechanical strength: adopting multi-layer reinforced structure and special sheath material to improve the cable’s tensile, compressive and twisting resistance.
High temperature and corrosion resistance: the outer layer of the cable is coated with special coating, which is able to operate stably for a long time under high temperature and corrosive environment.
Excellent fire resistance: the cable has the characteristics of low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant, etc., which meets the fire resistance requirements of petroleum refining equipment.
Chemical resistance: The petroleum refining process involves the handling of corrosive substances, including acids and hydrocarbons. Cables with chemical-resistant insulation and jacketing materials, such as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or fluoropolymers, are used to ensure long-term performance and prevent chemical degradation.
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding: To maintain signal integrity and protect against EMI, shielded cables are used for sensitive control and communication systems within petroleum refining equipment. These cables have a metallic or conductive layer that protects against external electrical noise and ensures reliable data transmission.

Recommended Products

Petroleum refining equipment cables are ultra-high temperature resistant and support customization. They are an important part of the oil refining industry and connect various equipment and instruments involved in the oil refining process.

7.Technical Testing

To ensure the quality and performance of its cable products, TST CABLES conducts a series of rigorous technical tests. These tests include electrical performance tests, mechanical performance tests, environmental adaptability tests and fire performance tests. The test results show that the cable products of this solution can fully meet the requirements of petroleum refining equipment.

8.Oil refining equipment cable laying installation and commissioning

We provide professional guidance and support in cable laying installation and commissioning of petroleum refining equipment. Firstly, it is crucial for TST CABLES to choose the right type, specification and material of cable according to the specific needs of the equipment and the working environment. Secondly, correct installation and maintenance methods also ensure the long-term stable operation of cables, reduce failure rates and improve productivity. Finally, debugging and testing of the cable to ensure that its connection with the equipment is stable and reliable.

9.After-sales maintenance & technical support

TST CABLES provides comprehensive after-sales maintenance and technical support services. Once customers encounter any problems in the process of use, our professional team will respond quickly to provide effective solutions and technical support. In addition, we also regularly provide customers with petroleum refinery equipment cable product maintenance and maintenance recommendations to ensure the long-term stable operation of the cable.

10.Petroleum refinery cable cases

In China’s large-scale petroleum refinery project, the successful application of this solution cable products. The main equipment of the plant includes distillation columns, cracking furnaces, hydrogenation reactors, etc., which have very high performance requirements for cables. We tailor-made a cable solution for the customer according to the needs of the equipment and the characteristics of the environment. After more than a year of actual operation, the plant’s equipment failure rate has been significantly reduced and production efficiency has been significantly improved. According to the statistics, after using our cable products, the plant’s equipment downtime has been reduced by 60%, and production efficiency has been increased by 50%. The customer highly evaluates our products and services, and believes that our cable solutions provide a strong guarantee for the safe production and efficient operation of the petroleum refining industry.

Petroleum refining equipment cable solutions have excellent electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental adaptability, and can meet the special needs of petroleum refining equipment. Through professional selection, testing, installation and maintenance services, TST CABLES is able to provide customers with safe and reliable cable solutions to promote the continuous development of the petroleum refining industry.

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