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1.Scene Introduction

With the rapid development of the marine industry, the market demand for marine lighting equipment continues to grow as an important guarantee for the safe navigation of ships and the comfortable life of the crew. As a key component connecting lighting equipment and power supply, the performance and quality of marine lighting cable directly affects the stability and reliability of lighting equipment. Therefore, the marine lighting equipment cable industry also shows a booming trend.

2.The pain point analysis

However, in the actual application of marine lighting equipment cable, there are still some pain points that need to be resolved:

Unstable electrical performance: some cables have voltage fluctuations and unstable current when transmitting electrical energy, resulting in uneven brightness, flickering or extinguishing of lighting equipment.
Poor weathering performance: the ship’s working environment is complex and variable, the cable is susceptible to salt spray, humidity, high temperature and other harsh environments, resulting in a decline in insulation performance and accelerated aging.
Inadequate safety performance: some cables have poor fire performance, once the fire, easy to trigger the spread of fire, posing a threat to the safety of the ship.
Selection difficulties: a wide variety of marine lighting equipment cable on the market, the lack of uniform selection standards, resulting in users confused in the selection.

3.The marine lighting equipment on the cable requirements

In view of the above pain points, marine lighting equipment on the cable puts forward the following requirements:

Excellent electrical performance: the cable should have good electrical conductivity and stable voltage transmission capacity to ensure that the lighting equipment work properly.
Excellent weathering performance: the cable should have excellent resistance to salt spray, humidity, high temperature and other properties to adapt to the harsh working environment of the ship.
High safety performance: the cable should have good fire performance, once a fire occurs, it can quickly self-extinguish and reduce the risk of fire spreading.
Easy to install and maintain: the cable should be reasonably designed, easy to lay and install and post maintenance.

4.Marine lighting equipment cable certification standards

Marine lighting equipment cables need to meet a series of international and domestic certification standards to ensure its quality and safety performance. The main certification standards include IEC 60092 series standards, classification societies certification (such as DNV GL, ABS, LR, etc.) and the requirements of national ship regulations. These standards for the cable’s electrical performance, mechanical properties, environmental adaptability, fire safety and other aspects of the detailed provisions.

5.Cable selection

In the selection process, need to consider the power of marine lighting equipment, voltage level, operating environment and certification standards and other factors. Generally speaking, the marine lighting equipment cable can be selected from low-smoke non-halogen, flame retardant, good weathering performance of the cable to ensure the stability and safety of the cable in harsh environments. In addition, according to the layout and installation requirements of the lighting equipment, select the appropriate cable specifications and length to meet the actual use of demand.

6.Product Characteristics

The marine lighting equipment cables provided by this solution have the following remarkable features:

Excellent electrical performance: the use of high-purity copper conductors and high-quality insulating materials to ensure that the cable has good conductivity and voltage transmission stability.
Outstanding weather resistance: the outer layer of the cable adopts a special protective layer, which can effectively resist the effects of salt spray, humidity, high temperature and other harsh environments, and extend the service life of the cable.
High safety performance: the cable is made of flame-retardant materials, with good fire performance, once a fire occurs, it can quickly self-extinguish, reducing the risk of fire.
Easy installation and maintenance: the cable is reasonably designed for easy laying and installation and later maintenance, reducing the installation cost and maintenance difficulty.

Recommended Products

TST marine cables are durable, waterproof, high-temperature resistant, interference-resistant, flame retardant, environmentally friendly, and have excellent insulation properties. They can ensure stable operation of cables in harsh marine working environments.

7.Technical Test

To ensure the performance and quality of marine lighting equipment cables, TST CABLES has conducted a series of strict technical tests. These tests include electrical performance tests (e.g. conductivity, voltage stability, etc.), mechanical performance tests (e.g. tensile strength, bending performance, etc.), environmental adaptability tests (e.g. resistance to salt spray, humidity, high temperature, etc.) and fire safety tests. Test results show that the marine lighting cable of this solution fully meets the requirements of ship lighting equipment.

8.Marine lighting equipment cable laying installation and commissioning

In the process of laying, installing and commissioning of marine lighting cables, we follow the professional operation standards to ensure that the cables are smooth and damage-free. First of all, according to the layout of the ship’s lighting equipment and working environment, to develop a reasonable cable laying program. During the laying process, special laying equipment and tools are used to avoid excessive stretching or bending of the cable. After the installation is completed, carry out cable debugging and testing to ensure that its connection with the control system is stable and reliable, and the lighting equipment can work normally.

9.After-sales maintenance & technical support

TST CABLES provides comprehensive after-sales maintenance and technical support services for marine lighting equipment cables. Once customers encounter any problems during use, our professional team will respond quickly to provide effective solutions and technical support. In addition, we also regularly provide customers with marine lighting equipment cable product maintenance and maintenance advice to ensure the long-term stable operation of the cable.

10.The actual case

In the lighting system upgrade project of a large oil tanker, we successfully applied the marine lighting equipment cables of this solution. The upgraded lighting system has even brightness and no flicker, providing a good working environment for the crew. At the same time, the cable’s weather resistance has been fully verified, and it can still maintain stable electrical performance in harsh environments such as salt spray and humidity. According to the statistics, after using this cable, the failure rate of the lighting system has been reduced by 90% and the maintenance cost has been reduced by 75%. Customers have highly praised TST CABLES’ products and services, and believe that TST CABLES’ marine lighting equipment cable solutions provide a strong guarantee for the safe navigation of the ship and the comfortable life of the crew.

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