Application of Cables in Underground Natural Gas Exploration Equipment

Application of Cables in Underground Natural Gas Exploration Equipment

1. Industry Background

With the continuous growth of global energy demand, natural gas exploration, as an important means of obtaining clean energy, is becoming increasingly important. In the process of natural gas exploration, the cable system of underground equipment plays a crucial role, they are responsible for transmitting data, controlling signals and providing power for underground equipment, which is a key component to ensure the smooth progress of exploration work.

2. Pain point analysis

In the process of natural gas exploration, underground equipment cables face many challenges. First of all, the exploration environment is complex and variable, the cable needs to withstand underground high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and other harsh environment, but also to resist chemical corrosion and mechanical damage in the soil. Secondly, the cable needs to transmit a large amount of exploration data and control signals to ensure the accuracy and real-time exploration data. In addition, the safety and reliability of cables are also important considerations in the exploration process. However, traditional cable products are often difficult to meet these requirements, there are unstable performance, easy to damage and other problems, which bring a lot of inconvenience and risk to natural gas exploration.

3. Natural gas exploration of underground equipment on the cable requirements

Oil resistance, corrosion resistance: As the exploration environment may involve oil and corrosive substances, the cable must have the corresponding oil and corrosion resistance.
High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance: large temperature differences in the underground environment, the cable must be able to work at high and very low temperatures.
High mechanical strength: during the exploration process, the cable may be subject to extrusion, stretching and other external forces, so it needs to have high mechanical strength.
Excellent electrical performance: in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of data transmission, the cable must have good electrical performance.

4.Natural gas exploration underground equipment cable certification standards

Cable products should pass relevant international or domestic certifications, such as IEC, NEK, API, EN, GB, JB and so on. These standards on the electrical performance of the cable, mechanical properties, environmental adaptability and other aspects of strict regulations, especially for the special requirements of the natural gas exploration environment, the cable should be through the corresponding explosion-proof, flame retardant and other safety certification.

5. Cable Selection

For the special requirements of underground equipment for natural gas exploration, TST CABLES suggests prioritizing the use of insulation and sheath materials with high temperature and corrosion resistance to improve the environmental performance of cables. At the same time, we will optimize the structural design of the cable to enhance its resistance to stretching, bending and vibration. In addition, we will also pay attention to the safety performance of the cable such as flame retardant, low smoke and non-toxic to ensure its safety in emergency situations.

Selection parameter reference (can be customized according to actual needs)
TEWP 200℃ Triple Insulated High Temperature Resistant Light Insulated Cable & Wire
Specification range: 30AWG-17AWG
Temperature resistance grade: Class F (200℃)

6. Product characteristics

High temperature resistance: able to work normally under high temperature.
Oil and corrosion resistance: the outer sheath made of special materials can effectively resist the erosion of oil and corrosive substances.
High mechanical strength: special materials and structural design are used to enhance the cable’s tensile and extrusion resistance.
Stable electrical performance: high-quality insulation and conductor materials ensure the stability and accuracy of data transmission.

Recommended Products

Natural gas exploration downhole equipment cables have low loss and high insulation voltage, and are key components in the process of extracting natural gas from underground reservoirs. These cables are subjected to harsh environments, including high temperatures, pressure and corrosive conditions.

7. Technical Test

All natural gas exploration underground equipment cables shall be subject to strict quality control and performance tests by TST CABLES before leaving the factory, including but not limited to conductor resistance test, insulation resistance test, voltage resistance test, high temperature resistance test, oil resistance and corrosion resistance test, etc., in order to ensure that the performance and quality of the cables are in line with the requirements for use.

8.Natural gas exploration underground equipment laying installation and commissioning

Laying: According to the specific environment and equipment layout of the exploration site, reasonably plan the direction of the cable and the laying method to avoid excessive bending of the cable or damage by external forces.
Installation: Ensure the firmness and sealing of cable joints to prevent the intrusion of oil and corrosive substances.
Commissioning: After the installation of natural gas exploration underground equipment cable is completed, comprehensive testing and commissioning should be carried out to ensure stable and reliable data transmission and power supply.

9.After-sales maintenance & technical support

TST CABLES provides professional after-sales service and technical support, including regular inspection, maintenance and replacement of damaged cables, technical advice and solutions, etc., to ensure the continuity and safety of natural gas exploration underground equipment operations.

10.Practical Cases

TST CABLES successfully applied the cable products of this solution in a large natural gas exploration project in China. The project is located in the western part of China with complex geological conditions, which requires high performance of cables, TST CABLES customized a cable solution for the customer, including cable selection, laying and installation and commissioning, etc. After several months of actual operation, the exploration efficiency of the project was significantly improved. After several months of operation, the exploration efficiency of the project has been significantly improved, data transmission has been accurate, and the failure rate has been significantly reduced.

The cable solution provided by TST CABLES for underground equipment for natural gas exploration can meet the stringent requirements of exploration operations, provide stable and reliable data transmission and power supply, and is the preferred solution for natural gas exploration operations.

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