Application of Cables in Petroleum Transportation Equipment

Application of Cables in Petroleum Transportation Equipment

1.Product industry background

Oil conveying industry is an important link connecting oil extraction and terminal utilization, covering the process of conveying various oil products such as crude oil and refined oil. With the continuous expansion of the oil market and the continuous development of conveying technology, oil conveying equipment is developing in the direction of high efficiency, safety and intelligence. As a key component of oil conveying equipment, the quality and performance of cables directly affect the stability and safety of the entire conveying system.

2.The pain point analysis

In the process of oil transportation, cables face many challenges. On the one hand, the transmission pipeline is usually located in remote areas with harsh environments, and the cable needs to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and corrosion and other conditions; on the other hand, the vibration and impact generated during the transmission process may also cause damage to the cable. Traditional cable products are often difficult to meet these requirements, prone to aging, fracture, short-circuit and other problems, bringing safety hazards to oil transportation.

3.The oil transportation equipment on the cable requirements

Oil transportation equipment on the cable requirements mainly include the following aspects:

Stable electrical performance: the cable should have good electrical conductivity and insulation to ensure the stability and reliability of power transmission.
High mechanical strength: the cable should be able to withstand vibration, impact and other mechanical stresses generated in the transmission process, to maintain structural integrity and stability.
Strong environmental adaptability: the cable should be able to operate stably for a long time in harsh environments such as extreme temperature, humidity and corrosion without performance degradation or damage.
Excellent safety performance: the cable should have flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic and other characteristics to reduce the risk of fire and protect personnel safety.

4.The oil transportation equipment cable certification standards

Oil transportation equipment cables need to comply with a series of international and domestic certification standards, such as IEC, NEK, API, EN, GB, JB and so on. These standards on the electrical performance of the cable, mechanical properties, environmental adaptability and other aspects of strict regulations to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the cable in the oil transportation process.

5.Cable Selection

For the special needs of oil transportation equipment, TST CABLES recommends the selection of special cables with excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and environmental adaptability. In the selection process, we will take into account the conductor materials, insulation materials, sheath materials and structural design of the cable to ensure that the cable can meet the requirements of oil transportation equipment.

Selection parameters for reference (can be customized according to actual needs)
Temperature resistance: -40°C to 125°C
Rated voltage: 750V (test voltage 4000V/5min)
Fire resistance: HL3 in accordance with EN45545-2 R15/R16
Insulation strength: >12MPa
Sheath strength: >10MPa
Cable bending radius: 6D (6 times of cable outer diameter)
Color: black
High flexibility and torsional durability
Oil resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance

6.Product characteristics

The cable products of this solution have the following remarkable characteristics:

Excellent electrical performance: the use of high-purity conductors and high-quality insulation materials to ensure the efficiency and stability of power transmission.
High mechanical strength: adopting multi-layer reinforced structure and special sheath materials to improve the cable’s tensile, bending and impact resistance.
Strong environmental adaptability: the outer layer of the cable is made of weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which is able to operate stably for a long time in extreme environments.
Superior safety performance: the cable has the characteristics of flame retardant, low smoke, non-toxic, etc., effectively reducing the risk of fire.

Recommended Products

Oil transportation equipment cables are resistant to wear, bending, deformation, and oil, and play a vital role in safely and efficiently transporting oil from production sites to storage facilities or distribution networks.

7.Technical Tests

To ensure the quality and performance of the cable products, TST CABLES conducts a series of strict technical tests. These tests include electrical performance tests, mechanical performance tests, environmental adaptability tests and safety performance tests. The test results show that the cable products of this solution can fully meet the requirements of oil transportation equipment.

8.Oil transportation equipment cable laying installation and commissioning

In the cable laying installation and commissioning, TST CABLES provides professional guidance and support. First of all, according to the path determined by the planning, the use of cable traction machine will be gradually pulled from the starting point to the end of the cable. During the traction process, the cable should be kept flat and vertical to avoid bending and twisting. For long-distance cable laying, segmented laying can be used to reduce the damage to the cable caused by traction and friction. In the process of oil conveying equipment cable laying, care should be taken to avoid friction and collision between the cable and other equipment, so as not to damage the insulation layer of the cable. Finally, carry out the debugging and testing of the oil conveying equipment cable to ensure that its connection with the equipment is stable and reliable.

9.After-sales maintenance & technical support

TST CABLES provides comprehensive after-sales maintenance and technical support services for oil transportation equipment cables. Once customers encounter any problems during use, our professional team will respond quickly to provide effective solutions and technical support. In addition, we also regularly provide customers with oil transportation equipment cable product maintenance and maintenance recommendations to ensure the long-term stable operation of the cable.

10.Actual Cases

TST CABLES has successfully applied the cable products of this solution in a large-scale oil transportation project in China. The project involves hundreds of kilometers of transmission pipelines and multiple pumping stations, which requires extremely high performance of the cables. We customized a cable solution according to the specific needs and environmental characteristics of the project. After more than a year of actual operation, the conveying efficiency of the project has been significantly improved, and the failure rate has been significantly reduced. According to the statistics, after using our cable products, the conveying capacity of the project has been increased by 60%, and the breakdown downtime has been reduced by 90%. The customer highly evaluates our products and services, and believes that our cable solutions provide a strong guarantee for the safe production and efficient operation of the oil transportation industry.

TST CABLES oil conveying equipment cable solutions can meet the special needs of oil conveying equipment with its excellent electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental adaptability. Through professional selection, testing, installation and maintenance services, we are able to provide our global customers with safe, stable and reliable cable solutions for oil transportation equipment, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the oil transportation industry.

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