2.5mm² High Temperature Cable Application and Testing Methods

2.5mm² High-Temperature Cable Introduction

2.5mm² High Temperature Cable is a specially designed cable with a conductor cross-section of 2.5 square millimeters and the ability to operate stably in high temperature environments. These cables are made of special insulation and sheath materials that enable them to maintain excellent electrical and mechanical properties under high temperature conditions without being damaged by heat or having their performance degraded.

The cable typically has excellent high-temperature resistance and is capable of operating at continuously high or transiently high temperatures without melting, softening or deforming. This makes it ideal for use in applications where the working ambient temperature is high or where it is required to withstand high-temperature impacts, such as metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, aerospace and other fields.

In addition, 2.5mm² High Temperature Cables may also have other important performance characteristics, such as low smoke and halogen free and flame retardant. Low smoke and halogen free properties mean that the amount of smoke produced when the cable burns is low and free of halogens, thus reducing the risk to people and the environment. Flame retardant properties, on the other hand, help to stop the spread of flames in the event of a fire, buying time for firefighting and rescue efforts.

2.5mm² High Temperature Cables are TST CABLES cables designed for industrial production in high temperature environments, with excellent high temperature resistance and other important performance characteristics, which can be widely used in many industrial fields to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical transmission under high temperature conditions.

2.5mm² High-Temperature Cable Introduction
2.5mm² High-Temperature Cable

The 2.5mm² high-temperature resistant cables excel in the following aspects:

High temperature performance: the cable can maintain stable electrical performance under high temperature environment, not easy to occur thermal aging and deformation.
Electrical properties: the cable has good insulation and conductivity, to ensure that when transmitting electrical energy will not produce excessive heat due to excessive resistance.
Mechanical properties: the cable has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength and bending resistance, which can meet the needs of use in various complex environments.
Low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant: 2.5mm² High Temperature Cable excels in low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant. It is able to maintain stable operation in high temperature environments, and at the same time reduce the production of smoke and toxic gases in emergency situations such as fires, and has a certain degree of flame retardant ability.

These characteristics make it an ideal choice in many fields such as electric power, ships, metallurgy, petrochemical, aerospace, etc. It provides safer and more reliable power transmission solutions for industrial production and people’s life.

2.5mm² High Temperature Cable application field:

2.5mm² High Temperature Cable is widely used in many fields due to its excellent high temperature resistance and stable electrical characteristics.

Power industry: 2.5mm² High Temperature Cables are used to transmit large currents in power transmission and distribution systems, especially in high temperature or high heat environments such as power stations and substations. Due to its excellent high-temperature resistance, the cable is able to operate stably under these high-temperature conditions, guaranteeing the reliability of power supply.

Metallurgy and iron and steel industry: In the process of iron and steel smelting, metal processing and other processes, high temperature environment is the norm, 2.5mm² high temperature cable can work stably in these high temperature furnaces, smelting equipment, to ensure that the power and control signals are transmitted reliably, to ensure the normal operation of the production line.

Petrochemical industry: petrochemical production process, involving high temperature, high pressure and corrosive media. 2.5mm ² high temperature cable can resist the impact of these harsh environments, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of petrochemical installations.

Aerospace and military industry: in these high-tech fields, cables not only need to withstand high temperatures, but also need to withstand extreme working environments. 2.5mm² high-temperature-resistant cables are able to meet the special requirements of aerospace vehicles, military equipment, etc., to ensure the stability of electrical signals and power transmission under extreme conditions.

Glass and ceramics manufacturing: glass and ceramics manufacturing process, the temperature of the furnace is very high, 2.5mm ² high temperature cable can be used for these high temperature equipment, power and control signal transmission, to ensure that the production process goes smoothly.

Automotive and transportation industry: in the field of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, etc., battery management system, motor control system, etc. need to use high temperature resistant cables. 2.5mm² High Temperature Cables can meet the needs of these systems on the high temperature resistance of the cable performance.

TST CABLES What are the tests for 2.5mm² High Temperature Cables?
The testing of 2.5mm² High Temperature Cables involves a number of tests that are designed to ensure that the cables maintain stable electrical and mechanical properties in high temperature environments, as well as meeting specific safety standards. The following tests are commonly used by TST CABLES:

High temperature resistance test:
Thermal stability test: By heating the cable at a certain temperature for a long time and observing the changes in its electrical and physical properties, in order to assess its thermal stability.
Thermal Shock Test: Cables are subjected to extreme temperature changes over a short period of time to examine their ability to withstand rapid temperature changes.

Electrical Performance Test:
Insulation Resistance Test: Measurement of the resistance value of the insulation layer of a cable to ensure that it has good insulating properties.
Voltage Withstand Test: Apply high voltage to the cable to check whether it has breakdown or leakage to evaluate its voltage withstand capability.

Mechanical Performance Test:
Tensile Strength Test: Test the ability of the cable to withstand under tensile force to ensure that its mechanical strength meets the requirements.
Bending performance test: Evaluate the performance of the cable when bending, including the minimum bending radius, etc.

Flame retardant performance test:
Flame Spreading Test: Observe the spreading of the cable under the action of flame by simulating the fire environment in order to evaluate its flame retardant performance.
Smoke Density Test: Measure the smoke density produced by the cable when burning to evaluate its low smoke performance.

Environmental performance test:
Halogen content test: Detect the content of halogens in the cable material to ensure that it meets the halogen-free requirements.
Harmful substance test: Detect whether the cable contains heavy metals, toxic substances and other harmful components.

Other special tests:
Chemical Resistance Test: Evaluates the corrosion resistance of cables under the action of specific chemicals.
Radiation Resistance Test: For cables that need to be used in a radiated environment, radiation resistance is tested.

When TST CABLES conducts these tests, it usually uses specialized test equipment and instruments, such as high temperature ovens, voltage testers, tensile testing machines, and so on. Meanwhile, the testing process needs to strictly comply with relevant standards and specifications to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. Through these tests, the performance and quality of 2.5mm² High Temperature Cables can be comprehensively assessed to ensure that every wire from the factory meets international standards, providing a strong guarantee for its safe application in various fields.

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