7/0.15 0.12m² (AF-200) Lightweight High Temperature Wire High and Low Temperature Resistant Cable

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  I. Overview of AF-200 High Temperature Wire

  7/0.15 0.12m² (AF-200) lightweight high temperature wire is aerospace tin-plated copper-cored polyperfluoroethylene propylene (FEP) insulated wire and cable (referred to as tin-plated copper-cored FEP insulated wire and cable), all the requirements of which are stipulated by the National Military Standard GJB77A/11A-2000 of the People’s Republic of China. These products have good high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and flame retardant properties. Characteristics: light weight, small size, soft. Mainly used for high and low temperature conditions of electronic equipment, instrumentation lines and other accurate electrical devices such as internal connections.

  Second, AF-200 high temperature line features and conditions of use: 

  Resistant to high and low temperatures (-65 ~ 200 ℃), resistant to various media and has good aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, waterproof, oil, moisture, moisture, corrosion, flame retardant properties.

  Third, AF-200 high-temperature wire product standards: 

  National standard GJB773A/11A-2000.

  Fourth, AF-200 high-temperature line main technical indicators: 

  1, experimental voltage: rated voltage 600V, the product of its test voltage (AC 50Hz) 2500V, 1 minute without breakdown 
  2, insulation resistance: 20 ℃ (103M & Omega;.km)

  V. AF-200 high-temperature wire products applicable:

  AF-200 high-temperature wire products with heat radiation, cold, acid, alkali and corrosive gases, waterproof and other characteristics, the cable structure is soft, easy to radiate, high-temperature (high cold) environment, stable electrical performance, soothing the aging performance is outstanding, long service life, excellent high temperature resistance to low temperature performance, excellent electrical insulation properties, excellent chemical stability performance, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, long service life. And soft and easy to install, widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, electronics, automobile manufacturing lighting, lamps, household appliances, electrical heating appliances, instrumentation, motor wiring and electronics, lamps, lighting, combustion appliances and other high-temperature environments and other industries.

  Aerospace field: Because AF-200 high temperature wire has excellent high temperature resistance and lightweight characteristics, it is widely used in aircraft, rockets and other aerospace vehicles for internal wiring connections. In these demanding environments, AF-200 high temperature wire can ensure stable signal transmission and safe operation of the circuit.

  Weapons and military equipment: In the military field, equipment often needs to operate under extreme conditions, AF-200 high temperature wire’s high temperature and harsh environment resistance makes it an ideal choice for military equipment such as weapon systems, radar equipment, communication facilities and other military equipment.

  Marine and offshore engineering: in the marine environment, wires need to resist high humidity, high salt and other corrosive environments. the corrosion resistance and stability of AF-200 high-temperature wire makes it the preferred wire for internal circuits in ships and offshore engineering equipment.

  Industrial automation and control: In the field of industrial automation, especially automation equipment in high temperature environments, such as steel smelting, glass manufacturing and other industries in the production line, AF-200 high temperature wire can provide reliable circuit connections.

  New energy and environmental protection equipment: in the field of solar energy, wind energy and other new energy, as well as waste incineration, waste gas treatment and other environmental protection equipment, often facing high temperature and corrosive environments, AF-200 high-temperature wire because of its resistance to high temperatures and corrosion resistance and is widely used.

  Scientific research experiments and test equipment: in the laboratory environment, especially high temperature experiments and test equipment, AF-200 high temperature wire can ensure the accurate transmission of experimental data and stable operation of the equipment.

  Automobile and rail transportation: in high-performance cars, racing cars and rail vehicles, the circuit system needs to withstand high temperature and vibration and other harsh conditions, AF-200 high-temperature wire is favored because of its high temperature resistance and flexibility.

  Six, TST CABLES high temperature cable AF200 related products selection recommendation

  (1)FF46-1(AF200-1 tinned) lightweight high-temperature wire

  (2)FF46-2 (AF200-2 silver-plated) lightweight high-temperature cable

  (3)FF46-3 (AF200-3 Nickel Plated) Light Duty High Temperature Wire

  (4) FF4-2 (AF250-2 Silver Plated) Light Duty High Temperature Wire

  (5)FF4-3 (AF250-3 nickel-plated) lightweight high-temperature wire

  Specification and Technical Parameters

  Rated voltage: 600V
  Operating Temperature: -65℃~+200℃
  Conductor material: solid core or stranded silver-plated copper wire (tinned copper core option also available)
  Insulation material: polyperfluoroethylene propylene (FEP)
  Color options: red, yellow, blue, white, black, brown and other colors can be customized to meet the needs of different scenarios of signage.

  VII. TST CABLES Delivery requirements and customized service

  The manufacturing length of AF-200 high-temperature wire is generally not less than 50 meters, and the length is allowed to be delivered in short lengths of not less than 5 meters. Meanwhile, customized service is also available to meet specific length, color, logo and other requirements.

  AF-200 flexible lightweight high temperature wire plays an important role in aerospace and other fields due to its outstanding high temperature resistance, excellent electrical properties and aging resistance. For more detailed information or to purchase alternative products, please contact TST CABLES, a professional high temperature cable supplier, for consultation and purchase.

  TST CABLES high temperature cable, the first choice for high quality cables! Made of new high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, it possesses excellent high-temperature resistance and can maintain stable work even under extreme high-temperature environments. Its excellent insulation properties and strong elasticity to ensure safe and reliable power transmission. The high temperature resistant cable also has excellent aging resistance, low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant, and longer service life. Whether in the power industry, the electronics industry or in high-tech fields such as aerospace, TST CABLES high-temperature-resistant cables are an indispensable partner. Choose TST CABLES high-temperature resistant cables to provide your equipment with a constant stream of stable power support and security!

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