About the meaning of the letters and numbers on the railway cables instructions

  Cable product model is not to see people’s heads are big, letters, numbers all represent what it means ah?

  Railway cables manufacturer TST CABLES take you to understand the railway cables models and specifications of the representation of it!

  Guarantee that you read this article, the model of these cables named at your fingertips!

railway cables

  Iron standard model (TB/T1484.1-2017 standard)

  WDZ – low smoke halogen-free flame retardant

  DC – Railway industry, i.e. rail vehicles

  ZP – total shielding

  FP – sub-shield

  R – small size wall thickness cable

  H – Sheathed cable

  BH – Thin Wall Sheathed

  B – thin wall insulation

  Taking sensor cables as an example, the European standard models (EN series cables as an example)

  There are three main series:

  EN50382 series single-core silicone rubber insulated high temperature power cables

  EN50264 series of single-core and multi-core power and control cables

  EN50306 series of thin-walled insulated single-core and multi-core cables

  M – low temperature and oil resistance, S – shielding, E jacket thickness, P thinner jacket thickness.

  TST CABLES focuses on cable applications and solutions in the field of rail transportation, with products covering EN50264 series, EN50306 series, EN50382 series, data cables, sensor cables, jumper cables, high temperature resistant cables, PEEK cables,cable track lights,Braking system of train,PIS System of railway cables,garage door off track cable,Rail Transit Jumper for railway cables,Air Conditioning System of train,Railway Signalling Cables,Rolling Stock Cables etc, which have obtained CRCC certification.

  At present, more than 500000 cables have been loaded on more than 3500 high-speed rail coaches, and the running mileage is more than 6,000,000 kilometers. In the future, we continue to plough into the field of rail transportation and contribute to the development of rail transportation industry with more quality products.

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