Analysis of TSTCABLES advantages in terms of product safety and environmental protection

In addition to the 8 core advantages mentioned in the previous article “TSTCABLES: Continuing to lead innovation in the high temperature cable industry”, when customers choose TSTCABLES products, they can also feel the advantages from product safety and environmental protection:

Advantages of TSTCABLES high temperature cables in terms of product safety

High-quality insulation:TSTCABLES uses high-quality insulation materials to ensure that the wires have good insulation resistance and voltage strength.
This can effectively prevent current leakage and voltage breakdown, ensuring the normal operation of the power system and the safety of users.

High mechanical strength:
The product design of TSTCABLES takes into account the various mechanical forces that the wire may be subjected to during transportation, installation and use, such as stretching, extrusion and bending.
Therefore, its wires have sufficient mechanical strength and abrasion resistance to withstand these mechanical forces and avoid breakage or breakage to ensure safe use.

Good thermal performance High and low temperature resistance :
TSTCABLES has high temperature resistance, low thermal resistance and good heat dissipation, thanks to the high quality materials and advanced design.
It maintains good heat dissipation even when energized to generate heat, preventing the wire insulation from deteriorating and reducing the risk of fire.

Outstanding chemical stability:
The wire will be eroded by various chemicals during long-term use, but TSTCABLES has excellent chemical stability.
It is able to resist the erosion of chemicals and maintain the stability and durability of the insulation layer, thus ensuring the safe use of the wire for a longer period of time.

Excellent fire resistance:
TSTCABLES focuses on fire resistance in material selection and uses flame retardant materials.
In case of fire, these materials do not produce toxic gases and can effectively stop the spread of flames, improving the safety of the place of use and buying valuable time for fire rescue.

Extra-long service life:
DURABLE: TSTCABLES wires are made of high-quality materials and advanced production processes to ensure the durability of the wires. Under normal conditions of use, the service life of TSTCABLES wire usually far exceeds its design life.
Good anti-aging performance: TSTCABLES wire has good anti-aging performance, even in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature, high humidity, etc., it can maintain stable performance and prolong the service life.
Long-term performance stability: After a long time of use, the electrical and mechanical properties of TSTCABLES wire can still remain stable, reducing the safety hazards caused by wire aging.

Safety and environmental protection Low smoke and halogen-free characteristics:
Environmentally friendly materials: TSTCABLES wire’s low-smoke halogen-free products are made of environmentally friendly materials, do not contain halogens and other harmful substances, and will not produce toxic gases in the process of use, which is more friendly to the environment and human health.
Low Smoke Emission: In case of fire and other emergencies, TSTCABLES Wire’s low-smoke halogen-free products can reduce the production of smoke, improve the efficiency of evacuation and rescue, and reduce the risk of secondary disasters.

TSTCABLES high-temperature cables in environmental protection advantages

  • The use of environmentally friendly materials: TSTCABLES focus on the use of environmentally friendly materials, such as the use of high-quality low-carbon environmentally friendly outsourcing plastic. This material is not only extremely flexible, but also the thickness of the insulation layer is uniform, which can effectively prevent leakage in daily use, signal loss, etc., while also reducing environmental pollution.
  • Low resistivity and energy saving: TSTCABLES has a very low resistivity, which means that it can save more power in the process of use, thus reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, which is in line with the concept of building a global green industrial and economic chain, environmentally friendly, economically efficient, and a green economy, and actively contributing to the world’s green environmental protection endeavors.
  • Safe production process: TSTCABLES also pays attention to environmental protection in the production process, through the introduction of advanced production equipment and R & D technology, optimize the production process, reduce waste generation and energy consumption in the production process. For example, in certain models of cable production projects, TSTCABLES has invested in environmental protection, accounting for 20% of the total investment, to ensure that the production process is environmentally friendly.
  • Product Recycling and Reuse: As an industry leader, TSTCABLES has established a comprehensive product recycling and reuse mechanism to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.
  • Compliance with environmental standards and certifications: TSTCABLES always follows the relevant standards and industry norms of various countries, and its production process and final products have passed a number of environmental standards and certifications, such as IS090012015 quality management system, ISO14001 2015 environmental management system certification. These certifications further prove TSTCABLES’ commitment and efforts in environmental protection.

Explore the new green and safe life, choose TSTCABLES‘ environmentally friendly low smoke, halogen free flame retardant cables for your equipment and life safety! TST CABLES high temperature cables not only have excellent fire prevention and flame retardant properties, effectively slowing down the spread of fire and guarding electrical safety, but also unique corrosion-resistant and radiation-resistant qualities. In a humid, corrosive environment, it can still maintain stable performance, without damage, to ensure the reliability of power transmission. At the same time, its anti-radiation function allows you to stay away from electromagnetic interference and harm. With the perfect combination of high quality electrical performance and new environmentally friendly materials, TSTCABLES high temperature cables have become the most ideal choice for users all over the world.

If you have needs and questions about cables with operating temperatures of -190°C (extreme cold) +1400°C (extreme heat), please feel free to contact us by email.

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