Railway PEEK cable performance advantages and applications

  PEEK cable is a kind of cable with unique performance and special structure, which is composed of conductor, insulation layer, filling layer, winding layer and sheath layer from inside to outside. The conductor material is generally silver-plated copper core, insulation and sheath layer material for PEEK polyether ether ketone (PEEK polyether ether ketone is a new type of semi-crystalline aromatic plastic engineering plastics).

  PEEK cable has good toughness and rigidity, with excellent fatigue resistance, flame retardant, radiation resistance, good material stability at high temperatures. With these excellent comprehensive performance, commonly used in military, petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, power stations, automobiles, ships, rail transportation, civil aviation, medical and many other fields.

Low smoke halogen free high temperature cable

  PEEK cable characteristics:

  ✔ Resistant to high and low temperatures, can be used for a long time below 250℃, and the short-term use temperature reaches 260℃;

  ✔ Good chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and almost all organic solvents. Except for yellowing in concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, it shows stability to other solvents.

  ✔ Excellent resistance to sliding wear and micromotional wear, can maintain high wear resistance and low dynamic friction factor at 250℃.

  ✔Halogen-free performance, the material molecule does not contain halogens, combustion does not produce acidic and toxic gases, in line with the EU RoSH environmental requirements.

  ✔ Excellent flame retardancy, self-extinguishing, almost no smoke emission when burning, will not affect visibility.

  ✔High insulation performance, good electrical insulation in a very high temperature range can still be maintained, high frequency case dielectric loss is small.

  ✔ Very high mechanical and scientific properties, with good toughness, rigidity and dimensional stability, small coefficient of linear expansion, close to the metal aluminum material, with high fatigue resistance comparable to alloy materials.

  ✔ Excellent resistance to irradiation, stripping, impact and creep, able to minimize the elution of gases and metal ions.

  ✔ Hydrolysis resistance, unaffected by water and high-pressure water vapor, it can still maintain excellent properties when used continuously in high temperature and high pressure water. In 200℃ steam, its stretching strength, quality and appearance without significant changes, can be used for a long time.

  PEEK cable application fields:

  ✔ Aviation field PEEK cable: PEEK cable’s high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, radiation resistance and good mechanical properties, its use in the aviation industry can be used as ultra-high temperature wire;

  ✔ Petroleum field PEEK cable: in the petroleum industry can be used as submerged oil pump motor winding line and connecting line.

  ✔ nuclear power plant PEEK cable: in the atomic energy power plant can be used as the winding coil of the drive mechanism of the nuclear island for a long time under irradiation conditions;

  ✔Nautical ship PEEK cable: PEEK insulated wire’s excellent properties such as seawater resistance, light weight, small size and flame retardant, make it can be used in ships;

  ✔ Rail transportation PEEK cables: suitable for high-speed traction locomotives.

  PEEK cables produced by TST CABLES are categorized into single-core cables and multi-core cables, with a temperature resistance range of -100-250℃, low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant, complying with EN45545-2 standard, with fire rating up to HL3.

  If you are interested in PEEK cables, you can contact TSTCABLES to learn more!

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