Don’t choose wrong again! What are the characteristics and selection points of drag chain cable?

Drag chain cable

Drag chain cable, as the name suggests, is a kind of special cable used for transmitting power and signal in drag chain system. Drag chain system is widely used in industrial automation, robotics, electric vehicles, rail transportation and other fields, drag chain cable as its key components, bear the important task of power transmission and signal transmission. Drag chain cables have high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance and anti-interference performance, and can adapt to complex working conditions.

Main characteristics of drag chain cable

Tensile strength

Drag chain cables need to withstand certain tensile force in practical applications, so it is essential to have high tensile strength. High tensile strength of the drag chain cable is not easy to break in the process of use, to ensure the stable operation of the system.

Abrasion resistance

As the drag chain cable will produce friction with the drag chain in the process of movement, so it is essential to have good wear resistance. A drag chain cable with good abrasion resistance has a long service life and reduces maintenance costs.

High and low temperature resistance

Drag chain cables may be used in high or low temperature environments, so they need to have good resistance to high and low temperatures. At different temperatures, the drag chain cable can maintain stable transmission performance to ensure the normal operation of the system.

UV resistance

Ultraviolet radiation will cause damage to the insulation layer of the cable, resulting in a loss of insulation performance. Drag chain cable has good UV resistance, which can resist UV radiation and prolong the service life of the cable.

Anti-interference performance

In the complex electromagnetic environment, the drag chain cable needs to have good anti-interference performance. A drag chain cable with good anti-interference performance can effectively inhibit electromagnetic interference and ensure the accuracy of signal transmission.

Selection principle of drag chain cable

drag chain cable
Drag chain cable

According to the use of environmental selection

According to the use environment of the drag chain cable, select the cable with corresponding characteristics. For example, in high temperature and high pressure environment, the cable with high temperature resistance and high tensile strength should be selected. In the occasion of serious electromagnetic interference, the cable with good anti-interference performance should be selected.

Selection according to current capacity

According to the size of the current that the drag chain cable needs to withstand, select the appropriate cable specifications. Cables with large current capacity should have high cross-sectional area to ensure that the resistance of the cable is small and reduce energy loss.

In summary, the characteristics and selection of drag chain cable is the key to ensure its stable operation in practical applications. Understanding the characteristics of the drag chain cable and selection principles, help us better choose the right drag chain cable to meet the needs of different occasions. In the selection process, we should fully consider the use of the environment, current capacity and other factors to ensure the performance and safety of the cable.

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