Glass fiber Teflon mica nickel plated fire resistant cable (500-1000℃)

Do you know how to choose fire-resistant wire? Will glass fiber Teflon Mica cable nickel-plated fire-resistant cable really not burn at 500℃-1000℃? Comprehensive analysis of fire-resistant wire characteristics, advantages, applications, and production processes.

high temperature cables
high temperature cables

Introduction to glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire
Mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire is a wire designed for extreme high temperature and fire safety. It can withstand temperatures as high as 500℃ to 1000℃ and is suitable for various harsh industrial environments and special applications. The core of this wire lies in the mica material it uses. Glass fiber mica is widely used in the manufacture of fire-resistant wires due to its excellent electrical insulation properties and high temperature resistance.

Glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire materials and structures
Conductor: Copper or nickel alloy is generally used as the conductor material. These materials can still maintain good conductivity at high temperatures.
Insulation layer: Mica tape is used as the insulation material. The mica tape is composed of thin sheets of mica material and adhesive. It is tightly wound on the conductor through the wrapping process to form a multi-layer structure, providing excellent electrical insulation and high temperature resistance.
Sheath layer: Outside the mica insulation layer, a glass fiber braided layer or high temperature materials such as silicone rubber and fluoroplastics can be added as an outer sheath to further enhance the mechanical strength and weather resistance of the cable.

Application field of glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire
Mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire is widely used in steel smelting, petrochemical, thermal power generation, aerospace, military equipment and other fields, especially in high temperature environments that require high safety and reliability, such as furnace internal wiring, heating element connection, high temperature equipment control circuit, etc.

Characteristics and advantages of glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire
High temperature resistance: It can work normally in a high temperature environment of 500℃ to 1000℃ without melting or decomposition.
Fire resistance: Even under fire conditions, mica wrapped wire can maintain the continuity of the circuit, ensure power supply in emergency situations, and improve life and property safety.
Electrical insulation: Mica material provides excellent electrical insulation performance, ensuring safe operation of the circuit even at high temperatures.
Mechanical strength: By adding an outer sheath, the mechanical strength of the wire is enhanced, making it more durable in harsh environments.

TST CABLES fire-resistant wire product model recommendation:

GN500℃-1 fire-resistant wire (copper wire conductor)

GN600℃-2 fire-resistant wire (nickel-plated conductor)

GN800℃-3 fire-resistant wire (pure nickel conductor)

Product features
Rated voltage: 300/500V
Temperature range: 500-800℃, can withstand temperatures up to 1000℃ for a short time
Conductor: copper/nickel-plated/pure nickel stranded wire
Color: khaki, optional black yarn, red yarn, etc.
Glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire standards and certifications
Mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire must comply with relevant international and national wire and cable standards, such as EN, GB, IEC, GB, UL and other standard systems, to ensure that the quality and safety performance of the product meet industry requirements. In addition, the product may also need to pass fire resistance test and high temperature resistance test, etc., and obtain corresponding certification certificates, such as CE, RoHS, etc.

Testing and evaluation
High temperature resistance test: Test the insulation performance and mechanical strength of the wire under specified high temperature conditions.
Fire resistance test: Evaluate the fire resistance of the wire under fire conditions to ensure the continuity of the circuit in an emergency.
Electrical performance test: Including the measurement of electrical parameters such as conductor resistance, insulation resistance, and withstand voltage to ensure the electrical safety of the wire.

Production process and quality control of glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire

Production process of glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high temperature wire
Conductor production: First, high-quality copper or nickel alloy materials are selected, and after fine wire drawing and annealing, they are made into conductor cores that meet the specifications.
Mica wrapping: Use automated or semi-automated wrapping equipment to wrap the mica tape tightly and evenly around the conductor core to form a multi-layer mica insulation layer. This process requires precise control of the wrapping tension and angle to ensure the density and uniformity of the insulation layer.
Sheath addition: On the basis of the mica insulation layer, add a glass fiber braid layer or other high-temperature material outer sheath as needed to improve the mechanical strength and weather resistance of the wire.
Finished product processing: After completing the wrapping and sheathing process, necessary size adjustment, cutting, marking and other subsequent processing are carried out to form the final product.

Quality control of glass fiber mica wrapped fire-resistant high-temperature wire
Raw material inspection: All raw materials used are strictly tested for quality to ensure that they meet production standards.
Production process monitoring: Set key quality control points on the production line, and regularly check key parameters such as wrapping density, insulation layer thickness, conductor resistance, etc. to ensure the stability and consistency of the production process.
Finished product testing: Comprehensive electrical performance, mechanical performance and high temperature resistance performance tests are carried out on the produced wires to ensure that each batch of products can meet the predetermined quality standards.
Certification and compliance: Products must be certified by relevant international and national standards, such as IEC, UL, CE, etc., to ensure their legitimacy and competitiveness in the market.

Future development trend of mica wrapped fire-resistant high-temperature wire
With the continuous improvement of industrial automation and intelligence, higher requirements are put forward for electrical equipment and cables working in high temperature environments. The development trend of mica wrapped fire-resistant high-temperature wire will focus on the following aspects:

Improve the temperature resistance limit: Develop new materials and technologies to further increase the maximum operating temperature of wires to adapt to more extreme industrial environments.
Enhance mechanical properties: By optimizing the sheath material and structural design, the flexibility and tensile strength of the wires are improved to make them more durable under complex working conditions.
Intelligent monitoring function: Integrate sensors and wireless communication modules to achieve real-time monitoring of wire temperature, current and other conditions, and improve the safety and maintenance efficiency of the system.
Environmental protection and sustainability: Develop environmentally friendly insulation materials and production technologies to reduce the impact on the environment and meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Cooperate with TST CABLES to customize mica wrapped fire-resistant high-temperature wire (200℃-1200℃)

TST CABLES relies on the top high-temperature special cable R&D strength. Under the extreme high temperature quenching of 500℃-1000℃, the mica wrapped fire-resistant high-temperature wire is tenaciously guarded and challenges the limit. Fire refines real gold, excellent insulation performance, extraordinary heat resistance and fire resistance, interpreting the power of science and technology. With ingenuity, every inch contains the persistent pursuit of power safety. Deeply cultivating the industry, continuous breakthroughs, every meter is a testimony to quality and innovation. If you have any needs for mica cablefire-resistant cablehigh temperature wire, GN500/GN800/GN1000 high temperature cable or want to apply for a free sample order, please contact us by email, phone, or WhatsApp.

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