High quality new special cable models and features

High-quality new special cable models and features
High-quality new special cable models and features

  Special wires and cables are a series of products with unique properties and special structure, equivalent to a large amount of ordinary wires and cables, with higher technical content, more stringent conditions of use, smaller batch sizes, higher added value. Often using new materials, new structures, new technologies and new design calculations. These wires and cables can be broadly divided into the following four categories:

  First, high temperature wire and cable

  Aerospace, rolling stock, energy, steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, oil extraction, electrical machinery and other fields need to use high-temperature wire and cable. Long-term continuous operating temperature of 125 degrees, 135 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 200 degrees, 250 degrees and more than 250 degrees of high-temperature resistant wire and cable, commonly used irradiated cross-linked polyolefin, silicone rubber, fluorine resin, polyimide, mica, magnesium oxide and other wires and cables. Now introduced; two new high-temperature wire and cable.

  1. Polyethersulfone (PES) insulated wire

  With excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, extrusion molding, especially with the continuous use at high temperatures and rapid changes in temperature environment can still maintain stable performance and other outstanding advantages: heat distortion temperature of 200-220 degrees, the continuous use of the temperature of 180-200 degrees, the UL temperature index of 180 degrees; can be resistant to hot water or steam at 150-160 degrees, at high temperatures Not subject to acid, alkali erosion; modulus of elasticity in the -100 – 200 degrees almost unchanged, especially at 100 degrees above than any one thermoplastic resin is good; coefficient of linear expansion is small, and its temperature dependence is also small; with non-toxicity, is recognized by the U.S. FDA, but also in line with the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan, the requirements of the announcement of the 434th and 178th; has a self-extinguishing, without the addition of any flame retardant has an excellent flame retardancy It is self-extinguishing and has excellent flame retardancy without adding any flame retardant, and can reach UL94V-0 grade (0.46mm).

  2. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) insulated wire Polyether ether ketone is a super heat-resistant thermoplastic resin. Long-term continuous use temperature of 250 degrees, UL temperature index of 250 degrees.

  PEEK is a flexible resin, and good creep resistance. And self-extinguishing, without adding any flame retardant up to UL94V-1 level (thickness of 0.3mm), 94V-0 (thickness of 1.5mm), 94V-5 (thickness of 3.2mm) requirements.

  Second, the use and structure of special wire and cable

  1. Low inductance cable

  There are strong and weak power, here is a strong power with low inductance cable. This cable with heat dissipation device for all types of contact welding machine, arc welding machine and pneumatic welding clamps connected to the new water-cooled low-inductive cable, with a simple and reasonable structure, cooling water flow, will not form a blockage blocking and limiting the phenomenon of heat dissipation, good results, long service life and other characteristics.

  This new type of low-sensitivity cable also includes cable and cable ends with solidly mounted joints, and the cable is also composed of positive cable core and negative cable core installed in the outer hose. As such low-sensitivity cable is generally used for voltage 25-50V, current between 7000-12000A occasions, cooling water in the cable short circuit conductive phenomenon is basically negligible, so in this low-sensitivity cable is not used to isolate the positive cable core and the negative cable core of the rubber hose, but only to set up a special cross-section of the wheel spoke (commonly known as “Plum Blossom Core” shape). Plum blossom core” shape) of the core frame, its “wheel center” and adjacent “spokes” of the space enclosed between the axial direction, that is, the formation of longitudinal grooves, longitudinal grooves on the core frame and the cable is configured with the same number of the total number of positive cores, the cable part is based on the positive core and the negative core of the cable. The cable is part of the positive cable core and negative cable core were resting on the core frame of the longitudinal grooves in the device outside the hose composition. Positive cable core and negative cable core of the two ends of the head were the same pole collection of bundles clamped in the core clamp, and then solidly mounted on the connector, the cable end of the outer hose set in the connector at the end of the end of the part, and with the set of the outer hose outside of the tightening hoop sealing!

  2.Low noise cable

  In the bending, vibration, shock, temperature changes and other external factors, the cable itself produces a pulse signal less than 5mV cable is called low-noise cable, also known as anti-vibration instrumentation cable. It is used for the measurement of small signals in many fields such as industry, medicine and defense. There are polyethylene insulated low-noise cables, F46 insulated low-noise cables, irradiation-resistant low-noise cables, low-capacitance low-noise cables, hydrophone cables, watertight low-noise cables, and other types and specifications of cables.

  The causes of noise in cables are:

  • molecular friction within the medium itself.
  • Change in the capacitance of the cable.
  • the piezoelectric effect of the cable medium; and
  • Friction between the conductor and the medium in the cable generates a charge, i.e. when the contact between the conductor and the insulation is broken generates a separation of charges.

  Extruded on the surface of the polyethylene insulation on a thin layer of semi-conductive (thickness 0.20-0.30mm) of low-noise cable has been the rapid development of the noise value of 2-3mV, for the work of 400 degrees of low-noise cables, can be solved by using high-temperature semiconducting fibers wrapped around the solution to the noise of up to 5mV.

  Third, the functionalization of wire and cable

  1. Fluorine resin self-control stabilized 135 degrees heating cable

  By the polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)/fluoroelastomer alloy/carbon black multi-compound composed of 135 degrees of self-control temperature control cable. Its thermal range of different, showing different degrees of PTC conductive properties and conductive stability, which is due to the degree of crystallization of the matrix and crystalline morphology by the different cooling speeds affect the insulation.

  2. Electroluminescent wire

  Electroluminescent wire is the latest products in the field of international light-emitting displays, similar in appearance to ordinary wires and cables, the surface layer of the color fluorescent plastic casing, its work when the light-emitting continuity without any heat radiation, power consumption is only 50-60% of the LED lamps, for the string lights of 20-30%, for the neon lamps of the 1-5%; such products are extremely wide range of applications, to create energy-saving, environmentally friendly, healthy display of the lighting of a new era, with the following characteristics The following characteristics

  • Fine and soft light, bright colors, strong sense of three-dimensional and perspective, suitable for visual inspection at night.
  • Energy-saving, environmental protection, safety; the product has low power consumption and a wide range of applicable voltage. This product will not produce any environmental pollution when used and discarded, and at the same time will not be dangerous to the human body.
  • soft, folding and bending, arbitrary knotting, cutting, splicing, without affecting the light-emitting properties, easy to use, installation without the guidance of professionals.
  • for continuous light-emitting devices, while according to the phone control and match the actual types of dynamic multi-color flashing
  • can be directly fixed on the surface of decorative objects using transparent tape, glue, pins, nails and so on.

  The application areas of this kind of wire are:

  • indoor advertising, text patterns; windows, doors, furniture, walls, roofs, etc.
  • Vehicles, boats and other tools decoration; instrumentation instructions, digital display
  • safety signs and instructions; stairs, passageways, door signs, exits, temporary outdoor hazardous sites
  • Toys, arts and crafts, sporting goods, clothing, electrical appliances, decoration, military equipment, etc.

  Fourth, TST CABLES new green insulation environmentally friendly wire and cable

  1.CMP cable

  UL can pass the highest flame-retardant grade cable for the CMP cable, TST CABLES company wires, cables and cables to do a lot of combustion tests and research in the ordinary cable outside the extrusion of a thin layer of FEP (i.e., F46) sheath, that is, to meet this requirement.

  Generally speaking, low-smoke halogen-free base material is polyolefin, which has a high fuel heat, is highly combustible, so they have to be mixed with metal hydrate filler to inhibit its flammability, but the role of hydration after the exhaustion of water, will cause fierce combustion. And FEP has very small heat of Ran burning, and does not burn when it meets fire.

  2.TST CABLES low-smoke halogen-free new green wire and cable

Low smoke and halogen-free new green wire and cable is an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient cable products. The following is a detailed description of TST CABLES cable:

  Environmentally friendly features

  Halogen-free: the insulation and sheath of this cable do not contain chlorine, bromine and other halogen elements, thus avoiding the production of toxic smoke and acidic gases in the combustion process. This is not only good for the environment, but also reduces the risk to the human body in case of fire.

  Low toxin: The insulation and sheath of the cable do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals that are harmful to human beings, so that the cable will not pollute the soil and water when it is used and disposed of.

  No corrosive gases: the cable is made of new type of special coating material which is non-polluting to the environment, and no toxic gases such as HCL will be produced during production, use and combustion, and the acid gas emitted is very little, which causes little damage to the personnel, equipment and instruments.

  Safety performance

  High flame retardancy: Halogen-free new green wire and cable has high flame retardancy, which can ensure that the cable is not easy to burn in a fire, and can prevent the spread and expansion of the flame after burning.

  Waterproof and UV-proof: Halogen-free cables are made of green environmentally friendly materials with special molecular structure, which have ultra-low water absorption rate, and at the same time, special UV absorbers are added to make the products have good UV-proof function, which ensures the safety of use and prolongs the service life.

  Halogen-free new green wire and cable is widely used in various fields, such as rail transportation, nuclear power, wind power, ships, aviation, construction, energy and so on, because of its environmental protection, safety and high efficiency.

  Overall, TST CABLES halogen-free new green wire and cable has significant environmental advantages and safety performance, is an important direction for the future development of the cable industry. With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the promotion of national policies, the market demand for such cables will continue to grow.

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