How many fire wires does a four-core power cable typically have? How many zero wires?

fire wires does a four-core power cable
fire wires does a four-core power cable

  Four-core power cables are generally three fire wires and one zero wire. Five-core power cables are generally three fire wires, one zero wire and one ground wire.

  Cable types:

  A high-temperature resistant wire and cable

  1. Polyethersulfone (PES) insulated wire: excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, extrusion molding, in particular, with a high temperature can be used continuously and rapid changes in temperature in the environment can still maintain the performance stability and other outstanding advantages.

  2. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) insulated wires: polyether ether ketone is a super heat-resistant thermoplastic resin.

  Second, the use and structure of special wires and cables

  1. Low inductance cable

  2. Low noise cable

  Functionalized wire and cable

  1. Fluorine resin-containing self-control stabilized 135-degree heating cable

  By the polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) / fluoroelastomer alloy / carbon black multi-compound composed of 135 degrees of self-control temperature control cable. Its thermal range of different, showing different degrees of PTC conductive properties and conductive stability, which is due to the degree of crystallization of the substrate and crystalline morphology by the different cooling speeds affect the insulation of the sake.

  2. Electroluminescent wire

  Fourth, TST CABLES new green insulation low smoke halogen-free flame retardant environmentally friendly wires and cables

  1.CMP cable

  UL can pass the highest flame retardant grade standards for the CMP cable.

  2. Low-smoke halogen-free new green wire and cable.
  Low-smoke halogen-free new green wire and cable is an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient cable products. The following is a detailed description of this cable TST CABLES:

  Environmental characteristics

  Halogen-free: the insulation and sheath of this cable do not contain chlorine, bromine and other halogen elements, thus avoiding the production of toxic smoke and acidic gases in the combustion process. This is not only good for the environment, but also reduces the risk to humans in case of fire.

  Low toxin: The insulation and sheath of the cable do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals that are harmful to human beings, so that the cable will not pollute the soil and water when it is used and disposed of.

  No corrosive gases: the cable adopts new special coating materials that are non-polluting to the environment, and does not produce toxic gases such as HCL during production, use and combustion, and emits very little acid gas, which causes little damage to personnel, equipment and instruments.

  Safety performance

  High flame retardancy: Halogen-free new green wire and cable has high flame retardancy, which can ensure that the cable is not easy to burn in a fire, and can prevent the spread and expansion of the flame after burning.

  Waterproof and UV-proof: Halogen-free cables are made of green environmentally friendly materials with special molecular structure, which have ultra-low water absorption rate, and at the same time, special UV absorbers are added to make the products have good UV-proof function, which ensures the safety of use and prolongs the service life.

  TST CABLES halogen-free new green wire and cable is widely used in various fields, such as rail transportation, nuclear power, wind power, ships, aviation, construction, energy and so on, because of its environmental protection, safety, high efficiency and other characteristics.
  TST CABLES high temperature cable, the first choice for high quality cables! Made of new high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, it possesses excellent high-temperature resistance and can maintain stable work even under extreme high-temperature environments. Its excellent insulation properties and strong elasticity to ensure safe and reliable power transmission. The high temperature resistant cable also has excellent aging resistance, low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant, and longer service life. Whether in the power industry, the electronics industry or in high-tech fields such as aerospace, TST CABLES high-temperature-resistant cables are an indispensable partner. Choose TST CABLES high-temperature resistant cables to provide your equipment with a constant stream of stable power support and security!

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