Railway cables 1500V and below DC traction power cable application

railway cables manufacturer
railway cables manufacturer

Railway transportation 1500V and below DC traction power cable is an important component of DC traction power supply system for urban subway, light rail and other rail transportation. It mainly connects the high-speed DC switch and contact network, and is used as the feeder cable and return cable to ensure the stable and safe transmission of power to the traction locomotives. Directly to the traction locomotive power supply 1500V and below 1500V low voltage positive cable, connecting cable and negative cable.

one,Introduction of Railway Transportation 1500V DC Power Cable

Railway cables for a variety of medium and low-voltage cables, belonging to the fixed laying type, the transmission power is also relatively large, both belong to the electrical equipment cable class, also belongs to the power cable class. There is also a cable for the delivery of 1500V DC voltage, is the locomotive power supply cable. 1500V DC voltage is equivalent to 600V AC voltage, in the national standard GB12706-2008 (equivalent to IEC60502), low-voltage AC and DC ratio of 2.4. The insulation thickness of the cable can be selected according to the 0.6/1kV cable. Railway cables are generally single-core cable.

Second, railway cables 1500V DC power cable structure and materials

Conductor: multi-stranded copper wire stranded to ensure good electrical conductivity and flexibility.
Insulation: cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene-propylene rubber with excellent electrical properties is used as the insulating material to ensure that the cable has excellent electrical insulation properties.
Shielding: may contain conductor shielding, insulation shielding and copper tape shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference and enhance the cable’s anti-interference capability.
Sheath: usually low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin material is used as the outer sheath, which has good flame retardant properties and environmental performance.

Third, the performance characteristics of railway cables 1500V DC power cable

Excellent electrical insulation properties: to ensure the stability and safety of the current in the transmission process.
High flame retardancy: the cable material has flame retardant properties, in line with the relevant flame retardant standards, reducing the risk of fire.
Low smoke, halogen-free and environmentally friendly: the cable produces less smoke during combustion and has no halogen release, which is friendly to the environment.
UV, rodent and termite resistant: adapting to the complex environment of rail transportation applications and improving the service life of the cable.
Certain bending resistance: to meet the bending requirements that may be encountered during the laying and use of the cable.

Fourth, railway cables 1500V DC power cable application scenarios

Railway 1500V and the following DC traction power cables are mainly used in urban metro, light rail and other rail transportation systems in the DC traction power supply network. It directly supplies power to the traction locomotive, including the positive cable, connection cable and negative cable, to ensure the normal operation of the rail transportation system.

The traction power supply system of rail transit adopts DC 1500V voltage, so the selection of 1500V DC cable is directly related to the safety and reliability of subway vehicles. At present, China’s use of 1500V DC power supply metro more, has been built in Guangzhou Metro Line 1, 2, Shanghai Metro Line 1, 2, M8 line, Shenzhen Metro a project, Nanjing Metro and Chongqing Light Rail and so on.

Fifth, the rail transit DC 1500V crosslinked polyethylene cable implementation standards and technical indicators

These cables usually implement GB/T 28429-2012 “railway cables 1500V and below DC traction power cables and accessories” and other national standards, and to meet the requirements of the relevant technical indicators, such as conductor DC resistance, AC voltage test.

railway cables 1500V and below DC traction power cable is an indispensable key component in the rail transit system, and its excellent performance and characteristics ensure the safe and stable operation of rail transit.

Six, railway cables 1500V DC traction power cable manufacturers TST CABLES

TST CABLES 1500V DC traction power cable for rail transit adopts cross-linked polyethylene or ethylene propylene rubber with excellent electrical properties as insulation material to ensure that the cable has excellent electrical insulation properties. At the same time, the cable also has excellent waterproof performance, high flame retardant, halogen-free, low smoke environmental protection performance, as well as anti-ultraviolet rays and anti-rodent, anti-termite performance, to meet the rail transit cable application environment is more complex, the safety and environmental protection performance requirements of the high need to ensure that the cable long-term safe and reliable operation. In addition, for rail transit DC traction cables may be used in underground tunnels, laying environment is relatively small characteristics, the cable also has a certain bending resistance, to meet the cable use in the process of smaller bending radius needs. If you have any questions or needs about the 1500V DC traction power cable for rail transportation, please feel free to contact us by email to receive a free sample.

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