Railway Cables EN 50264 Fire Resistant Cables Characteristics and Applications

EN 50264 fire-resistant cable is a cable designed for railroad rolling stock, with a special focus on performance under fire conditions. More details about EN 50264 fire-resistant cables can be found below:

EN 50264 Fire-resistant cables Materials and design:

  • Conductor: tinned copper wire in accordance with the relevant standards, with good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Insulation and sheath: Halogen-free materials are used, which not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also does not produce toxic gases and a large amount of smoke during combustion, which reduces the hazards to personnel in case of fire.
  • Construction: The cable may be divided into single-core and multi-core, adapting to different applications. Their design ensures the stability and reliability of the cables in extreme temperatures and working conditions.
railway cables manufacturer
railway cables manufacturer

EN 50264 Fire resistance of fire resistant cables:

In the event of a fire, EN 50264 fire-resistant cables are able to maintain their structural and functional integrity for a certain period of time and continue to supply power to critical equipment.
The cable has special performance characteristics in flame propagation, smoke and toxic gas release, effectively limiting the spread of flame and toxic gas emissions.

EN 50264 Scope of application of fire-resistant cables:

Mainly applicable to power supply and distribution installations for railroad vehicle equipment with rated voltage of 3.6/6 kV and below.
It is suitable for urban transportation rail, such as subway, light rail, etc., as power and control cables.

Other Characteristics:
In addition to fire-resistant performance, EN 50264 fire-resistant cables are also heat-resistant, oil-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, cold-resistant, abrasion-resistant and ozone-resistant, which are suitable for a variety of harsh environments.
Excellent physical and mechanical properties, easy to install, safe to use and reliable in operation.

Standard and Certification:
Conforms to EN 50264, a standard that specifies in detail the performance requirements, test methods and inspection rules for cables.
The products of some well-known cable manufacturers have also been certified by authorities such as TUV, further proving their quality and performance.

Guide to buying EN 50264 fire resistant cables:
When purchasing EN 50264 fire-resistant cables, it is recommended that users clarify the usage environment and requirements, and choose the appropriate cable specifications and models.
Choose a manufacturer with good reputation and word-of-mouth like TST CABLES to ensure the quality and performance of the cable.
Pay attention to check the cable’s factory certificate, inspection report and other relevant documents to ensure that the purchased cable meets the relevant standards and requirements.
In conclusion, EN 50264 fire-resistant cables is one of the hottest-selling high-performance and high-safety fire resistant cable products from TST CABLES, which is especially suitable for critical areas such as railroad rolling stock and urban transportation railways. You can better select and use this cable to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system by communicating with TST CABLES engineers to get a deeper understanding of its details and characteristics.

For more information on EN 50264 fire-resistant cables, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant, high-temperature-resistant cables or to customize cables for your machinery or system, visit https://www.tstcables.com/contact-us/ or send an e-mail to :lixiangchao@testeck.com.

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