Railway transportation cables Main features of locomotive power cables and selection recommendations

railway cables manufacturer
railway cables manufacturer

  Urban rail transit power cables are “blood vessels”, bear the function of conveying electricity and transmitting signals, and their varieties are numerous and numerous. Cable quality directly affects the stability and safety of rail transit operation, once the cable failure, will lead to power interruption or signal transmission interruption failure, the vehicle operation has a significant impact. Therefore, locomotive power supply system power cable design selection is critical.

  Railway locomotive power cable

  The cables used in rail locomotives are required to be low-smoke (low) halogen-free, flame retardant, fire-resistant, oil-resistant, UV-resistant, moisture-resistant, waterproof, mildew-proof, rodent-proof, etc., and termite-proof is also required in the south.

  The cable products can meet the wear-resistant, high temperature, cold, tensile, bending, anti-rodent and ant, flame retardant, fire-resistant, UV resistance, radiation resistance, electromagnetic compatibility and other complex use of environmental requirements.

  Cable features.

  1, the use of copper / tinned copper core conductor, low resistivity, good electrical conductivity, excellent mechanical properties;

  2, the use of cross-linked polyolefin/high-energy polymer insulation, and has excellent electrical properties, mechanical and physical properties and excellent waterproof performance;

  3, the use of low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant polyolefin materials as the outer sheath of the cable, with UV protection, flame retardant, non-toxic and low-smoke performance.

  5、Products with environmental safety, high reliability and long service life.

  TSTCABLES focus on cable applications and solutions in the field of rail transit, 11 years of experience in the field of rail transit, CRCC certification, with independent intellectual property rights of the key technologies, is the earlier localization and through the loading and operation of the assessment of the rail transit cable manufacturers, the production of locomotive power cables are widely acclaimed.

  TSTCABLES locomotive power cables

  TSTCABLES rail locomotive power cables (EN50382) are able to maintain their power transmission function under high temperature conditions and have special fireproof performance, which helps to improve the safety of transportation.

  The cables, with or without sheath, are insulated and sheathed with halogen-free silicone rubber. In case of fire, they prevent the spread of flames, reduce the emission of toxic gases and smoke, minimize the loss of visibility and enable the rapid evacuation of personnel in order to prevent damage to the railroad system caused by fire.

  TSTCABLES cable characteristics

  1、Cable AC rated voltage is 1.8/3kv, 3.6/6kv.

  2、Cable working temperature is -50℃-120℃ or 150℃.

  3. Allowable bending radius of the cable: 6 times the outer diameter of the cable.

  4、Anti-fire level: HL3 which is adequate to EN45545-2 R15/R16.

  5. Toxicity index: Equivalent to the European standard toxicity index of no more than 3, equivalent to the iron standard toxicity index of no more than 5.

  6, the cable solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can be used in mineral oil and fuel oil contaminated occasions.

  TSTCABLES cables have been deeply cultivated in the field of rail transportation for 11 years, and the products cover EN50264 series, EN50306 series, EN50382 series, reduced-thinning cables, data cables, sensor cables, crossover cables, high-temperature-resistant cables, high-cold cables and so on.

  They are applicable to the models of locomotives, high-speed railways, subways, urban railways and ordinary locomotives, etc. We are committed to promoting the continuous innovation of connection and transmission technology and products in the field of rail transportation.

  TSTCABLES cables, with the craftsmanship of excellence, continue to create professional and reliable cables as well as high-quality sustainable solutions to win the support and trust of many customers.

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