Teflon wire core silicone jacketed shielded cable applications and Teflon Cable Manufacturer prices

Teflon wire core silicone jacketed shielded cable applications

Teflon is known as Teflon in English, sometimes also known as PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene or F4. teflon, the core part of the wire is made of polytetrafluoroethylene material. It is a fluorine coating with PTFE as the base resin, which has excellent electrical properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in many fields such as electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace and so on. Due to the pronunciation, Teflon is often called “Teflon”, “Teflon”, “Teflon” and so on in China. Although these names are different, they all refer to the same material.

Teflon has excellent electrical properties, such as high insulation resistance and excellent resistance to voltage impact, which enables the cable to work stably in high-voltage environments. In addition, Teflon has excellent high temperature resistance and can maintain stable performance for a long time in a high temperature environment.
Silicone material is used for the sheath. Silicone sheath for the cable provides good flexibility and easy to install, so that it can adapt to a variety of complex wiring environment. At the same time, silicone also has excellent low temperature resistance, to ensure that the cable can also work properly in low temperature environment.
The cable also has a shielding layer that effectively reduces electromagnetic interference and protects the stable transmission of signals. This is especially important for occasions that require high electrical performance and strong electromagnetic shielding.

Teflon Cable Manufacturer
Teflon Cable Manufacturer

Performance characteristics of Teflon core silicone jacketed shielded cable:

Excellent electrical performance: Teflon has excellent electrical performance, its high insulation resistance, strong resistance to voltage impact, can work stably in high voltage environment. At the same time, the silicone sheath also has good insulation properties, which further enhances the electrical safety of the cable.
High and low temperature resistance: Teflon material can maintain stable performance at high temperatures, while the silicone sheath has good low temperature resistance, which makes the cable work normally in a wide range of temperatures.
Corrosion and chemical resistance: Teflon and silicone have excellent corrosion resistance, showing inertness to most chemicals and solvents, and resisting the erosion of strong acids, alkalis and other corrosive substances.
Flexible and easy to install: the silicone sheath makes the cable has good flexibility, easy to install and wiring in complex environments.
Strong shielding performance: the cable has excellent shielding performance, which can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference and ensure stable operation of the system.
High safety: combining the advantages of Teflon and silicone, the cable excels in electrical safety and chemical corrosion protection, improving the overall safety of the system.

Main application areas:

Power and energy: In power systems, cables need to withstand harsh conditions such as high voltage and high temperature. With its excellent electrical performance and high temperature resistance, Teflon wire core silicone jacketed shielded cable is able to work stably in such environments and ensure the safe transmission of electricity.
Metallurgy and chemical industry: Metallurgy and chemical industry often involves high temperature, strong corrosion and other extreme environments. The corrosion and high temperature resistance of Teflon core silicone jacketed shielded cable makes it an ideal choice for electrical connections in these industries.

Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, cables need to meet stringent safety and performance requirements. The electrical and shielding properties of Teflon cored silicone sheathed shielded cables can meet the high standards of aerospace equipment, ensuring stable signal transmission and normal operation of the system.

Automobile manufacturing: With the continuous development of automobile technology, the requirements for cables are getting higher and higher. Teflon core silicone jacketed shielded cables have a wide range of applications in automobile manufacturing, especially in the field of new energy vehicles, for connecting various electrical systems and components to ensure the safety and performance of vehicles.
Automation equipment: In the field of industrial automation, cables not only need to withstand high temperature, high pressure and other conditions, but also need to have excellent anti-interference ability. Teflon wire core silicone sheath shielded cable can well meet these requirements and ensure the stable operation of automation equipment.
In addition, Teflon wire core silicone sheath shielded cable has a wide range of applications in communications, medical equipment, lighting equipment, electronic equipment and other fields.

What is the price of Teflon wire core silicone sheathed shielded cable?

For the price of Teflon Core Silicone Sheathed Shielded Cable, you can consult Teflon cable supplier TST CABLES . The price of a cable can be affected by a number of factors. These factors include, but are not limited to, the specifications of the cable (e.g., length, number of cores, cross-sectional area, etc.), the quality of the materials used in its production, the complexity of the manufacturing process, and the supply and demand in the market.
In addition, the price of Teflon Wire Core Silicone Sheathed Shielded Cable may vary from brand to brand and from supplier to supplier. Therefore, in order to obtain accurate pricing information, it is recommended to contact TST CABLES directly with specific cable specifications and purchasing requirements in order to obtain a detailed quote.

Meanwhile, TST CABLES reminds consumers that when purchasing cables, in addition to the price factor, they should also consider the performance, quality, and after-sales service of the cables to ensure that they are purchasing quality cable products that meet their needs. Please note that the quality and performance of cables are critical to the stable operation of the entire electrical system, so choices should not be made based on price factors alone.

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