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  Teflon high temperature wire AF-250 performance and application

  Teflon high temperature wire, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulated wire, the trade name “Teflon” (teflon), known as “the king of plastics”. The maximum temperature it can withstand is usually between 250℃ and 260℃. Voltage: 300/500 volts, conductor material: tinned copper wire, insulator for silicone rubber, braided layer of glass fiber silicone resin. Teflon high temperature wire can also be used in long-term humid environments with excellent electrical properties, waterproof and mildew resistance. Outstanding bending performance, the minimum bending radius is 16 times of the outer diameter of the cable, and it can be used mobile. Suitable for all kinds of mobile motors, steel, aviation, power plants, petrochemical and other high-temperature environments with rated AC voltages of 300/500 volts and below. This wire has excellent high temperature resistance and can maintain stability and reliability in high temperature environments. Teflon high temperature wire is widely used in a variety of equipment and environments that require high temperature resistance, such as aerospace, chemical, power, metallurgy and other fields.

  However, please note that although Teflon high temperature wire can withstand very high temperatures, its use temperature should be selected according to the actual application to ensure the long-term performance and safety of the wire.TST CABLES reminds consumers that Teflon high temperature wire produced by different manufacturers may have different high-temperature resistance properties, you should buy with Teflon high temperature wire manufacturers detailed When purchasing, you should communicate with Teflon high temperature wire manufacturers in detail about the actual application scenarios and check the product specifications carefully to understand the specific temperature range.

  I. Teflon high temperature wire AF-250 performance characteristics

  Temperature range: Teflon high temperature wire has a wide range of working temperature, it can work normally under the environment of -60℃~260℃, and even can bear higher temperature for a short time.
  Electrical properties: It has good electrical properties, high insulation resistance, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, and can maintain stable electrical properties.
  Mechanical properties: Teflon high temperature wire has excellent bending performance, the minimum bending radius is 16 times of the outer diameter of the cable, which is easy to move and install. In addition, it also has tensile and abrasion resistance properties.
  Chemical stability: Teflon high temperature wire can resist acid, alkali, as well as various oils and organic solvents, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.
  Waterproof and mildew resistant: It can be used in long-term humid environment with excellent waterproof and mildew resistant performance.

  Second, the type of Teflon material:
  Teflon material is mainly divided into PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE several basic types.
  Teflon PFA: PFA (Perfluoroalkylated substances) non-stick coatings and FEP as in the baking melt flow to form a non-porous film. the advantages of PFA is a higher continuous use temperature of 260 ℃, stronger rigidity, especially suitable for use in high-temperature conditions in the field of anti-adhesive and chemical resistance.
  Teflon ETFE: ETFE is a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene, the resin is the toughest fluoropolymer, which can form a highly durable layer of coating with excellent chemical resistance and can be used for continuous work at 150 ℃.

  Third, Teflon high temperature wire AF-250 application scenarios:

  Aerospace: In the aerospace field, equipment needs to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. Teflon high temperature wire is widely used in the electrical systems of airplanes, rockets and other aerospace vehicles because of its excellent high temperature resistance and stability.

  Industrial production: High temperature environments are common in industrial production processes, especially in the production lines of steel, ceramics, glass and other industries. Teflon high temperature wire can withstand these high temperature environments to ensure the stable operation of production equipment.

  Automotive industry: In automotive manufacturing, especially in electric and hybrid vehicles, high-temperature wires are used for the connection of battery management systems, motor controllers and other key components. Teflon high-temperature wires are ideal for use in these applications due to their high-temperature and oil-resistant properties.

  Household appliances: Electric ovens, microwave ovens, induction cookers and other household appliances generate high temperatures during operation, and Teflon high-temperature wire can provide stable electrical connections in these environments.

  Laboratory and scientific research equipment: In scientific laboratories, high-temperature furnaces, heat-treatment equipment and other scientific research instruments that require high-temperature environments require the use of wires that can withstand high temperatures. Teflon high temperature wire provides reliable electrical connections in these scenarios.

  Petroleum and chemical industries: In these industries, they are often exposed to various chemicals and high temperature environments. Teflon high temperature wire is widely used in the connection of various sensors, control equipment and heating elements due to its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

  New energy field: In the field of solar energy, wind energy and other new energy sources, the equipment often needs to be operated in outdoor and high temperature environments. Teflon high temperature wire can provide stable power transmission to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

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Teflon high temperature wire

  Fourth, Teflon high temperature wire molding method.

  1、Molding method
  2、Pushing method
  3、Skin bag method
  4、Spraying method
  5、Braiding method
  6、Winding method
  7、Rolling method
  8、Extrusion method
  9、Bonding method
  10、Welding method
  11、Heat setting method
  12、Machining method

  The above about Teflon high temperature wire molding method more detailed content please in TST CABLES official website in another article “Teflon high temperature wire molding method summary” to check. Here, we will not repeat.

  Fifth, Teflon wire storage common problems

  1. There should not be any harmful substances that damage the insulation layer and corrode the alloy in the storehouse. Continuous high temperature Teflon wire may not be touched with acid, alkali, mineral oil, and with such components of protective consignment.
  2. Teflon wire should be avoided as much as possible to be placed in the outdoor natural environment.
  3. Teflon wire storage period should be increased on time (every 3 months in summer, other seasons can be increased appropriately). When spinning the roll, rotate it upward to prevent the bottom end from returning to the moisture, and regularly maintain the sealing sealing can not be intact.
  4. Teflon wire storage deadline for goods measured from the date of shipment, generally not more than one and a half years, not more than 2 years for a long time.
  5. When storing Teflon wires, pay attention to the Teflon wires do not have to be placed in the middle of the bleak, damp, moldy. In addition, also need to pay attention to can not be placed with or without the composition of the Teflon wire, in order to prevent sustained high temperature wire destruction.
  The above explained is the performance characteristics of Teflon high temperature wire and application areas, I hope that after reading can help you. TST CABLES is a focus on high-temperature wire (silicone, Teflon, PEEK), ultra-flexible cables, semi-flexible cables, semi-rigid cables, special cables, and other products, engaged in the field of the cable industry has been more than 20 years of practical experience in the production of the set of high-temperature cable production, processing and sales. As a whole, with more advanced production technology and experienced engineers team, the product has a high reputation in the industry. Can be customized according to the special needs of different customers, a variety of special high-temperature cables, welcome to consult the purchase and related cable products related questions and answers.

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