Why use Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables?

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Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables

  Many industries have seen an increasing demand for Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables. Main driver of this increase is the concerns for the safety of people and electronic circuits during fire. Environmental protection and an increase in requirements / specifications from local and international communities has also heightened the demand for LSZH cables.

  This increased awareness of negative side effects arising from halogen when exposed to flames has lead to this jacket type being designed.

  What is LSZH?

  LSZH stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen. It refers to a group of jacket and insulation compounds that do not contain halogens within their chemical makeup.  The terms LSOH, HFFR (Halogen Free Fire Retardant) and NHFR (Non Halogenated Fire Retardant) are often used interchangeably.

  What are Halogens?

  Halogens are a group of elements that are characterized by being 1 electron short of forming a stable molecule, as a result they are highly reactive and will combine with other elements in order to gain this missing electron. Halogens react with metals to form salts, common table salt is a mixture of the halogen chlorine and the metal sodium. When mixed with water, free hydrogen in water will combine with halogens to make acids. One of the most common acids being Hydrochloric acid which is a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine. Halogens can also mix with hydrogen (present in water) to create an acid. Hydrochloric acid used to acid etch concrete is a mixture of hydrogen and chlorine.

  Why are Halogens used for flame retardancy?

  Within some polymers, the introduction of a Halogen atom can produce a flame retardant capability. Poly-Vinyl-Chloride (PVC) is a common example and contains chlorine. When burned the chlorine is released and displaces oxygen from the flame thus helping to smother out the fire. Some flame retardant polyethylenes have bromine, another halogen, added in order to assist with flame retardancy.

  What are the Side effects of Halogen when exposed to flames?

  When combined with Hydrogen, Halogens form acids. These acids are toxic to animals and plants. Chlorine is an example where this characteristic is used in a controlled way to sterilize water by killing off microbes and bacteria. In the past, solutions based on the halogen iodine were also used for this application.

  What about PVC?

  When PVC burns, it releases Chlorine which is now free to combine with hydrogen to form an acid. This acid can burn lungs and eyes of people trying to flee the fire. It can also attack equipment that was not destroyed in the fire. Historical experience has shown that equipment located several rooms or floors away from a small fire can fail many months later due to attack by either halogen acids or salts.

  What are the benefits of having LSZH cable?

  LSZH compounds contain no halogens and instead rely on releasing water or other non-toxic compounds in order to put out a flame. As a result, they are safer for both people and the environment.

  Where are LSZH cables predominantly used?

  LSZH cables can be used anywhere a normal cable can be used. Typically they are of greater benefit in indoor or restricted spaces where their low toxicity in a fire is a great benefit. This means that they often find use in tunnels, offices, exchanges and datacentres.

  Which places are LSZH cables suitable for?

  It is mainly used in places with high safety requirements, such as subways, hospitals, data centers, libraries, schools and airplanes.

  What are the flame retardant properties of LSZH cables?

  LSZH cables have good flame retardant properties, can effectively slow down the spread of fire, and meet many international flame retardant standards.

  What is the smoke density of LSZH cables?

  The smoke density varies according to specific test standards (e.g. ASTM E 662 or IEC 1034-1) and is usually much lower than conventional materials.

  Are LSZH cables UV resistant?

  Yes, the outer jacket of LSZH cables is usually designed to resist UV exposure and is suitable for outdoor installation.

  What is the service life of LSZH cables?

  Lifespan depends on the environment in which it is used and how well it is maintained, but in general it is long due to its chemical resistance and thermal stability.

  What are the electrical conductivity properties of LSZH cables?

  The conductivity is similar to that of normal cables, depending on the internal conductor material, and does not affect the efficiency of power transmission.

  What are the special requirements for installation and maintenance of LSZH cables?

  Installation and maintenance are similar to those of conventional cables, but sharp objects should be avoided to scratch the outer skin, and good ventilation should be maintained to dissipate heat.

  Why is LSZH cable more expensive than PVC cable?

  Due to the use of more expensive raw materials and technology, the cost is correspondingly higher, but considering the safety and environmental values, it is more cost-effective in the long run.

  What are the environmental characteristics of LSZH cables?

  It is halogen free, does not release harmful substances when burned and has a low environmental impact when discarded.

  How can I recognize a genuine LSZH cable?

  It is usually recognized by the product certification mark and the material safety data sheet provided by the manufacturer.

  What is the temperature range of LSZH cables?

  The temperature range is wide, typically withstanding operating temperatures from -40°C to 125°C, with some special designs reaching higher.

  Is there a limit to the bend radius of LSZH cables?

  Yes, the bending radius should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid damage to the cable structure.

  What is the ageing resistance of LSZH cables?

  It has excellent anti-aging properties, especially in humid and high temperature environments.

  Does LSZH cable have any effect on signal transmission?

  For data cables, LSZH materials do not affect the quality of signal transmission.

  How to dispose of LSZH cable waste?

  Local environmental regulations should be followed and it can be recycled or disposed of safely.

  How does LSZH cable perform in extreme environments?

  The performance is stable, safe and reliable in extreme environments such as high temperature, low temperature and humidity.

  Do all LSZH cables meet international safety standards?

  Not necessarily, you need to check whether the specific product has passed international safety certification such as IEC, UL, etc.

  Are LSZH cables suitable for offshore rigs?

  Very suitable, ideal for offshore platforms due to its excellent fire performance and environmental friendliness.

  Can I still achieve my Green Star credits with LSZH?

  Yes, LSZH cables are suitable for Green Star applications. LSZH cabling is the safest choice for plenum use and any other applications in which smoke is likely to both build up and come into contact with people, since no harmful toxins are actually released. In line with our commitment to sustainability and reducing their impact on the earth, Tst cables offers Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables by Garland as an extension to their environmentally friendly Green Star rated range.

  How to choose a reliable LSZH cable supplier?
  When choosing a reliable LSZH cable supplier, the following key points should be considered: first, check whether the supplier has industry certifications, such as CRCC, GB, EN, ISO certifications, UL certifications, etc.; second, assess the supplier’s industry experience and customer feedback, which can be understood through case studies or customer evaluations; third, examine the quality of its products, and ask for detailed product specifications and third-party testing report; Fourth, consider the supplier’s service support, including technical consulting, customized service, after-sales service, etc..

  How to get the quotation information and samples of LSZH cable?
  The most direct way to get quotes and samples of LSZH Cable is to contact the suppliers directly. You can send a request for quotation through the contact information on the supplier’s official website, or attend an industry trade show to directly interface with the manufacturer. When requesting a quotation, provide detailed cable specification requirements (e.g., number of cores, cross-sectional area, length, application environment, etc.) so that suppliers can provide accurate quotations. Meanwhile, formal, competent suppliers like TST CABLES will be willing to provide free samples for testing and evaluation, the specific policy needs to be confirmed with TSTCABLES by email.

  What customized services do LSZH cable suppliers usually provide?
  Good LSZH cable suppliers usually offer a variety of customized services to meet the specific needs of their customers. These services include: customizing cable lengths and cross-section sizes to reduce waste and improve installation efficiency; selecting specific jacket materials and colors based on the application environment; designing cables to meet specific electrical performance requirements, such as high flexibility, oil resistance, chemical resistance, or specific fire ratings; supplying cables with special markings or coding for ease of management and maintenance; and developing solutions that meet specific industry standards or project specifications. Solutions.

  TSTCABLES Global Leading LSZH Cable Supplier
  Guarding safety, building a green future – your reliable supplier of low smoke halogen free cables. TST CABLES understand that while pursuing efficient power transmission, safety and environmental protection are equally important. Therefore, we carefully craft every inch of LSZH cables with advanced halogen-free materials to ensure that even in times of emergency, we can minimize the release of smoke and toxic gases, guarding the safety of everyone’s breathing. From precision manufacturing to strict quality control, every step carries the persistent pursuit of high quality. If you have any needs or questions about LSZH cables, please feel free to contact us by email and receive free samples.

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