What is the difference between Railway cables WDZ and EN standards cables?

Difference between Railway cable WDZ standard and EN standard
In order to improve the safety and reliability of rail transportation in the construction of rail transit, the selection of rail vehicle cables must meet the specific technical requirements of the railroad sector. In recent years, the rail transportation industry gradually promote the use of low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables, especially for some renovation and new projects, but also as one of the necessary conditions for bidding. To ensure that in the event of fire can minimize the production of smoke and toxic gases, to protect the safety of passengers and staff. This cable not only produces less smoke and toxic gases during the combustion process, but also has good fire performance and fire resistance delay and other characteristics.

As for the naming method, low smoke halogen free flame retardant cables usually appear in the market with two naming methods, which are domestic WDZ and international EN. WDZ stands for low smoke halogen free flame retardant cables conforming to the domestic standards, while EN stands for the cables conforming to the European standards.

In fact, WDZ is equivalent to EN standard, which is the same thing.

railway cables
railway cables WDZ and EN standards cables

Railway cable WDZ standard and EN standard product features
Take TST CABLES temperature sensor cable WDZ-DC-B-ZP-H-125℃ 750V as an example, WDZ-DC stands for low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cable for rolling stock, B stands for thin-wall insulation, ZP stands for total shielding, H stands for standard-wall sheathing, heat-resistant at 125℃, and rated voltage 750V.

The European standard EN series of low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables for rail transportation contains EN50264 series, EN50306 series and EN50382 series, which stipulate the flame propagation distance, the amount of toxic gases and smoke released and so on in case of fire.

According to “Railway Safety Management Regulations”, “Administrative Measures for Railway Product Certification” and “Railway Product Certification Catalog”, rail transportation cable manufacturers can apply for CRCC (Railway Product) certification.CRCC certification for the European standard products, the product model on the certificate can only be marked as EN series.

CRCC railroad product certification is a voluntary certification, but according to the bidding website data show that more than 90% of the projects of the State Railway Group require cable products through the China Railway Inspection and Certification Center (CRCC) certification in order to be eligible to participate in the bidding.

TST CABLES cable products of EN50264 series and EN50306 series for rail transportation have obtained CRCC certification. At present, more than 500000 cables have been installed in more than 3500 high-speed rail coaches, running mileage of more than 6,000,000 kilometers.

EN50264 cable

EN50264 series is low smoke halogen free flame retardant cables for rail transit vehicles, this product is suitable for signal transmission and power transmission in railroad rolling stock, with standard wall thickness/small size wall thickness, single core/multi-core, sheathed/unsheathed.

EN50306 cable

EN50306 series are low smoke halogen free flame retardant thin walled cables for railway rolling stock, suitable for signal transmission and power transmission in railroad rolling stock, available in single core/multi-core, shielded/unshielded/sub-shielded, sheathed/unsheathed.

EN50382 cable

EN50382 series are low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant high temperature resistant cables for railroad rolling stock with special fire protection properties, used as non-vehicle-mounted cables for electrical connection between rail transit vehicles, with and without sheaths.

These cables have the following characteristics:

★High flame retardancy.


★Low toxins.

★No corrosive gases.

★High light transmission.

★Waterproof, UV resistant, oil resistant.

TST CABLES focus on cable applications and solutions in the field of rail transportation, the main products in addition to the above EN50264 series, EN50306 series, EN50382 series, and data cables, sensor cables, crossover cables, high-temperature-resistant cables, PEEK cables and so on.

In the future, TST CABLES will continue to plough into the field of rail transportation and contribute to the development of rail transportation industry with more high-quality products.

If you want to know more about TST CABLES railroad vehicle cables, please pay attention to the official website of “TST CABLES” to get the latest product knowledge and industry trends.

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